With the series of controversies dragging her on as a comedian and TV personality, it’s amazing how Kathy Griffin meets a fair number of lovers and how she’s managed to keep some relationships in order for a long time. However, when you have the nerve to flaunt a fake severed head that looks like the incumbent President of the United States and keep it up to date, you can surely weather any storm that comes your way.

The former CNN New Year’s Eve host was married once and since it ended, she hasn’t been given another man. Instead, she’s busy tasting the waters before committing again. As a result, she dated many men outside of her marriage. Here is the list of her past and present boyfriends.

Kathy Griffin dating timeline

Jack Black

The comedic actor has always popped up whenever Griffin tells stories about his past connections, but theirs was very brief and we just found out why. In her memoir, “Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir, According to Kathy Griffin,” Griffin broke down all about gravity with Black. Once she slept at his house and couldn’t find a towel after taking a shower. When she asked for one, Black told her he only had one that doubled as a bath mat. In other words, she should grab the one off the ground. Now that’s disgusting.

Fred Stoller (1992)

In his book ‘Maybe We’ll See You Again: The Life of a Guest Star on Television,’ the actor said of the awkward position he had ahead of a night out with Kathy Griffin at the time. They met at a party at the time and exchanged small talk before leaving together, but things got weird when Griffin asked permission to punch Stoller in the face, just for the fun of it.

Quentin Tarantino (1995)

Kathy and the director had one of what she would describe as her awkward relationship. She uses the word weird to describe Tarantino who she says was only interested in cuddling. In other words, they never had sex as a couple during their short fling that started and ended in the mid-90s.

Matthew Moline (1999 – 2006)

After they met and about two years of dating, Kathy decided to try marriage with Moline. They were married on February 18, 2001 on the roof of the 360 ​​Degree restaurant in Hollywood. Their union was going well at first, he even made appearances on her reality show, but in May 2006, the divorce took place in the most dishonorable way. Moline allegedly robbed Griffin, as revealed on the Larry King Live show, where Griffin accused him of robbing her with $72,000. Moline declined to respond to the request in public.

Steve Wozniak (2007 – 2008)

Kathy admitted to contacting Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to get back at her husband, who worked as a technician. Kathy and Wozniak made no attempt to hide their affair from the media, they graced the 2007 Emmy Awards red carpet where they were interviewed as a couple. Later in 2008, before their relationship was recalled, the pair were crowned King and Queen of the Humane Society of Silicon Valley by the Fur Ball on April 5. It was probably one of their last public appearances. confirmed to have passed each other. Their relationship, however, ended in the most unusual way. Wozniak then sent Griffin an email telling him that he would be marrying someone – in the style of a real businessman. He does

Isaiah Mustafa (2011)

While Griffin opened up about being romantically involved with the actor and former NFL practice squad player on March 7, 2011, during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Mustafa denied that claim, saying he was single but thought Kathy Griffin was an amazing woman. She also told the show’s audience about a previous affair with a man that lasted four years. Although she revealed that the separation was messy, she refused to name it. Nonetheless, a bit of digging revealed the man’s identity as Tom Vize, Griffin’s tour organizer.

Randy Bick (2012-)

Griffin and the marketing director have been high on the agenda since 2012. However, the pair haven’t been in the headlines lately as much as they used to.

Apart from the above, Kathy Griffin comes across names like Andrew WK, Leif Garrett, and Levi Johnston. She had romantic relationships with men at one time.