If you’re looking for teen beauty tips and personal advice online, Katie Donnelly has them all. She is a famous YouTuber who runs her own channel – ItsKatieDonnelly with a subscriber base of over 98k. However, she is most appreciated for her presence on her family channel on YouTube. Her family runs a fun and entertaining vlogging channel on the video-sharing platform, which is called ItsTheDonnellys. It enjoys millions of subscribers and is a very popular channel.

Katie, being a diverse social media personality, also started a TikTok account with the name katie8228. On this platform, she has managed to garner more than 2 million followers with her amazing content. In addition to her social media life, Katie has a fulfilling life as a level nine swimmer, cheerleader and gymnast. Her personality has been described as down-to-earth and loving. She has two brothers with whom she enjoys spending time. Her unique personality has been an unequivocal addition to her family channel as she brings a unique charm to her.

Katie Donnelly’s Biography

This social media sensation was born on June 25, 2004 in Maryland, USA, when she was the second child. She was born into the family of Mike and Jill Donnelly and she has two siblings – Brennan ( </wbr>16) and Ryan (12). She is an avid gymnast, swimmer and fashionista who loves to travel.

Katie Donnelly started her career in May 2015 when she launched her first YouTube channel, Flippin Katie, used as a platform to showcase her gymnastics skills. He was growing in popularity and soon she started featuring her brothers in her videos. Soon after, she decided to expand the channel’s repertoire to include other interesting items such as road trips, shopping sprees, food challenges, water adventures, among others, which gave the channel a significant boost.

With the success of the channel, her parentsdecided to become part of the picture. They started appearing on videos and soon Katie turned it into a family channel and changed its name to ItsTheDonnellys. He has over 1 million subscribers and 232 million views overall. Family vlogs like The Great Watermelon Challenge have been viewed over 27 million times.

Katie also runs another solo channel called This is KatieDonnelly which she recently launched in January 2018. In a short time, the channel managed to gain over 98,000 subscribers. This channel mainly features beauty videos and other lifestyle related content. She is also part of the YouTube channel Gymscool, also called The Coral Girls.

Personal Details – Family

Katie is blessed with a loving and supportive family. Her parents – Mike and Jill Donnelly – are also YouTubers who feature on her family channel. Their occupations other than YouTube are not known. She has a younger brother, Ryan, who runs his own solo account, Ryan, in WILD. She also has an older brother, Brennan, a water polo athlete and baseball player. His brothers are also featured on the family channel.

Other Facts About Katie Donnelly


Finding love in adolescence is no longer surprising. However, this often never leads to blissful happiness because the minds of these young people are not yet mature enough to handle the intricacies of a lasting relationship. However, Katie refused to join this movement. She is currently not seeing anyone and is not publicly romantically linked to anyone. We will keep you informed of any new developments in this facet of his life.

Net value

Katie Donnelly’s main source of income is her social media accounts – those she owns and those she owns as a family member. She has a YouTube channel that she manages on her own and has over 98,000 subscribers. In addition, she herself created the Flippin Katie YouTube channel, which she later turned into a vlogging platform for families. This channel has crossed over a million subscribers and generated over 232 million views.

Although there is no statistical breakdown of how Katie makes her money, it is estimated that she is worth $1 million. Importantly, she also generates income from her TikTok account.