Music for Kehlani is a platform through which she can pour her life experiences. If you ask the American singer and songwriter about herself, she’ll likely refer you to her songs. According to her, her music revolves around the ups and downs of her life.

However, music was not Kehlani’s first love. She was initially a big ballet fan and hoped to make a career out of it. Unfortunately, she had a knee injury which prevented her from following the dance routine. Predictably, Kehlani was frustrated and turned to music. When she started singing, she was thrilled to discover that music was her calling.

As her passion for music waned, the R&B singer found herself as a member of Poplyfe, a pop music group aimed at teens who finished fourth on the sixth season of the NBC reality series – America’s Got Talent (AGT)

Although Kehlani was quite famous due to her activities with Poplyfe, she didn’t garner any significant attention for her music career until she left the Oakland band and dumped it. Cloud 19 debuted mixtape in 2014. There have been several speculations about Kehlani’s departure from Poplyfe, with many claiming she was left because of what Piers Morgan, an AGT contest judge, told her – that she didn’t. didn’t need the band – the musician had claimed he left Poplyfe because of contract issues and mistreatment by band management.

The R&B star went through tough challenges and phases before finally carving out a niche for herself in the music industry thanks to her debut mixtape which received many positive reviews and caught the attention of those who matter. in the business. Since then, she has been nominated twice for a Grammy Award. First was in 2016 under the best urban contemporary album. It was his second mixtape – You Should Be Here – It earned him the nomination. In 2018, she was again nominated for the award. This time it was for Best R&B Performance. Distraction, a song from his 2017 debut album earned him the nomination.

Neglecting these, the musician can still boast of receiving other prestigious nominations. For example, she was nominated in 2017 for BET and American Music Awards. For the sequel, the nomination was for Best Female Soul/R&B Artist and Centric. The first was awarded to Best Female R&B/Pop Artist.

Kehlani Wiki, Parents

Born as Kehlani Ashley Parrish on the 24th day of April 1995, in Oakland, California, the musician is proud of her heritage which includes for her a beautiful mix of ethnicities such as Filipino, Spanish, Caucasian , Native Americans and African Americans.

Kehlani had several reasons to be pissed off with the world when she was growing up. First her father died when she was still young and then her mother was plagued by drug addiction. Young Kehlani must have been raised by her aunt. She would later say that she was disconnected from the whole, not being able to understand that a woman who was her mother is not her mother.

As a teenager, Kehlani was a student of the Oakland School for the Arts. She was working on building a career as a ballet dancer in school before she injured her knee and turned her attention to music. Eventually, she was invited to join PopLyfe and the band became her second family.

When Kehlani parted ways with PopLyfe, life was pretty tough for her. Although she couldn’t sing due to the issues she was having with PopLyfe managers, she was homeless. In addition to being homeless, the musician had to steal from stores for food.

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Kehlani’s girlfriend, dating, cheating, boyfriend

Everyone knows Kehlani is bisexual. She has had romantic relationships with men and women in the past and she is proud of who she is because, for her, love is not a person’s reproductive organ, but the search for a unique attraction for someone’s mind and soul. It doesn’t matter if it’s him or her.

As of 2017, Kehlani opened up about his new girlfriend, an artist named Shaina. She pledged her love for Shaina saying they would support each other and inspire others like them to not be afraid to love what they love.

In 2006, it had circulated that the musician was hospitalized after having tried to commit suicide. As the story goes, she wanted to kill herself because she was cheating on her then-boyfriend, professional basketball player Kyrie Andrew Irving, with her ex-boyfriend PartyNextDoor. Kehlani, however, said on social media that the cheating story was fake.

Kehlani Height, Feet, Net Worth

The star is 4 inches taller than 5 feet, weighs slightly over 50 kg, and sports feet that fit a shoe size of 9.5. The other details of her body measure 33, 25, and 33 inches respectively for her breasts, waist, and hips.