When it comes to strong women in music, the count won’t be complete without Keke Wyatt on the list. She’s not only an awesome singer, she’s also an awesome mom. Despite everything she’s been through, including everything from the entertainment industry, to dealing with domestic abuse and having to raise nine children, she’s still one of the industry’s brightest lights. .

This singer is such a great talent – ​​a talent that she has shared with the world – that she has been able to put her life back together with while achieving greatness along the same lines. Here’s more on this singing force of nature – Keke Wyatt.

Who is Keke Wyatt?

Ke’Tara Shavon “Keke” Wyatt, better known as Keke Wyatt was born in Indianapolis on March 10, 1982. A television personality, singer, songwriter, and actress, she was raised in a Christian home with lots of music gospel, but was exposed to secular and contemporary R&B songs. Her interest in music started at such a tender age, and while she started singing at the age of two, she had her first gig at age five.

She is mixed race like her parents, including dirty (maternal) grandparent marriages were interracial. Keke was raised alongside her brothers in a predominantly African-American environment. In high school in Indianapolis, she was on their varsity wrestling team. As a teenager, she performed with girl groups, but her level of maturity exceeded that of her age group.


Her career as a musician started at the age of ten when she recorded the song. What If, which was added to RH Duncan’ gospel album. She was such a great singer at such a young age and was loved by several big names in the industry. In her mid-teens, she composed demo songs for some gospel labels, earning her around $1,500 per recording. Her disappointment in the music industry came after she wrote lyrics for some hit songs without getting credit.

Her platinum album Soul Sista which was released on November 13, 2001, sold over a million copies and ranked in the top five of the Billboard 200 for several weeks. During one of her interviews, she made a bold statement claiming that she was one of the pioneers of Destin Enfant which was called The Dolls back in the days before she was replaced by Beyonce. His song Nothing in this World in 2002, he was nominated for Soul of Lady Soul Best Train for Best R&B/Soul/Rap Artist.

She signed a contract with Cash Money Records/Universal Motown Records, which was handled by Cassandra Ware after leaving MCA Records. She released her second album Emotional Roller Coaster in 2006 before leaving the label the same year due to a dispute with management. His third solo album Ghetto Rose was released in 2007 under TVT labels, with Quadri El Amin as manager.

His other musical works include his single Who knew (2010), which also served as the title of his album released the same year, another single Saturday love, which was in the album Incroyable (2011), and his single You and me . She released her first EP Ke’Ke in 2014 and a music video for the song I deserve it , among others.

Apart from singing, Keke Wyatt is also a good actress. She played the lead role in Love on Board (2009), R&B Divas (2012), etc. She was a spokesperson for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, a non-profit organization, where she shared her experience of domestic violence.

Family – Parents and Brothers

Singing in the family doesn’t start with KekeWyatt; it’s a trait that was passed down from his parent coming from a family of musicians. Both of her parents were gospel singers and sang regularly in church. And although a lot is unknown about her family, we do know that her parents are Ke’Tara Keke, singer and organist and Lorna Wyatt, who is also a singer. We also know that she has four brothers, two older and two younger.

Personal Life – Husband, Children, Divorce

Keke Wyatt married her first husband Rahmat Morton when she was eighteen; he was also its road manager at the time. Their marriage wasn’t fantastic as she was abused by her and she admitted to stabbing him in 2001, in self-defense. In 2009 she filed for divorce and at the end of the marriage they had three children together and she was pregnant with the fourth (stillborn). After the divorce, she moved from Kentucky to Atlanta, Georgia with her children.

In 2010, she got married to Michael Jamar who was born Michael Ford. He was an ordained minister. Their marriage produced four children. So the family has eight (three from Keke’s previous marriage and one from Michael). In April 2017, it was announced that they were expecting their ninth child, but the marriage didn’t last that long for the child to be born when they divorced in September 2017, when their pregnancy was eight months old. . In October 2018, a marriage to Zachariah Darring was announced.

What is Keke Wyatt’s net worth?

With such talent from a determined young woman who knew what she wanted and loved to do and got into it early on, it is expected that she will be financially stable and get a good salary for his works.

Having had great successes in her career, Keke Wyatta achieved so much for herself and made a fortune with an estimated net worth of $4 million. It’s been a good deal for her so far and we know she’s still active in the industry, which means her net worth is likely to increase.