Kelsey Impicciche is a multi-talented online personality famous for his creative content on platforms like Twitch, Buzzfeed, and YouTube. On top of that, she earns a lot of money as a producer, on-screen actress, cosplayer, and podcast speaker. Impicciche is literally a busy girl. whenever she’s not streaming on Twitch, she takes the time to produce and edit her YouTube videos and create content for Buzzfeed.

Since Kelsey burst into mainstream success, she has continued to develop her craft from one level of success to another. Although she has participated in many projects in the entertainment industry, she has notably starred in the BuzzFeed show “Single Girl Tries The 100 Baby Challenge”, The Locker Room (2014), The Suicide Note (TV Movie), The Changing RoomLove Exclusively (2017), Dominance, and Mastery (2013).

Kelsey Impicciche – Biography, Age

Kelsey Impicciche is a beautiful, hardworking lady who does so many things for a living. Her parents gave birth to her on July 11, 1991 in Los Angeles. Impicciche is an American of white ethnicity and has a YouTube blogger brother.

The online influencer is a graduate of the Los Angeles-based private college at Loyola Marymount University, where she majored in theater arts. After completing her studies, she received her bachelor’s degree from the institution and later enrolled in the British American Drama Academy, London, England. She was taught by Jessica Higgs and Philips D’Orleans and graduated in 2012.

Kelsey’s namesake YouTube channel features her weekly blogs while her Buzzfeed content reflects her nerdy knowledge of movie quotes, comic book fails, and more. On both platforms, she has an impressive number of subscribers and fans who are madly in love with her creativity.

Popularly known for her weekly Dangerous At Any Speed ​​vlogs, the YouTuber is also part of the What’s Her Face Comedy improv team and is the former host of Daily You. As an actress, she has professional theater credits, among other credits A Piece of My Heart (as Sissy), The Crucible (as Elizabeth Proctor), Cymbeline (as Imogen), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (as Hermia), and You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (as Lucy).

What is Kelsey Impicciche Height?

Kelsey Impicciche is not only multi-talented but also has an incredible personality. Regarding her height and physical characteristics, she is naturally lucky to have the right body, which benefits her career. She stands at a comfortable height of 168 centimeters (5 feet 6 inches) and weighs 54.4 kilograms (120 pounds).

The online influencer’s hair color is blonde and her eyes are blue, but her bust/waist/hip measurements are difficult to obtain.

Other Facts About Kelsey Impicciche

1. Kelsey Impicciche’s ancestry is mostly dominated by his British descent. She recently learned the news after undergoing an Ancestry DNA test on her YouTube blog on April 1, 2019. She revealed in her video that being in British Columbia excites her due to her obsession with the English capital, London.

2. There is no doubt that the online influencer is one of the hardest working sensations in e-commerce. She has lent her expertise to many brands and across multiple platforms. However, the exact amount she earns from each gig and the value of her assets are yet to be calculated.

3 YouTuber has been invited to speak on several podcasts, including at events like South by Southwest (SXSW), an annual conglomeration of conferences, music, film and interactive media festivals.

4. The Los Angeles native only streams three times a week on Twitch.

5. Kelsey Impicciche is currently based in Los Angeles.

6. She joined BuzzFeed in early 2016 as an intern.

7. YouTuber also studied at Groundlings Theater & School, Los Angeles, CA. She passed out with her pals in 2014.

8. Impicciche shared screen time with California-born actor and TV personality Stephen Colletti.

9. His acting coach is Joseph Pearlman. The two had trained together and it was rewarding.