In 2007, Keralis opened a channel on YouTube, but like most internet greats, he only used it for fun at first. Over time, he decided to create something big on the video-sharing platform, which led to his Minecraft videos being uploaded consistently. Despite a slow start, Keralis is now so popular in the Minecraft community that it has acquired its personal Minecraft server, dubbed “World of Keralis”, among other milestones.

Keralis has also capitalized on its popularity to post other gameplay videos. Some of the genres he has explored are city building and management games, including Cities Skylines: Snowfall, RimWorld, Tropico 5, and SimCity. The player has also explored survival, simulation and action-adventure games, among them The Forest, Ark: Survival Evolved, Euro Truck Simulator 2, The Sims 3, Dishonored, Destiny, Battlefield 4, as well as Watch Dogs little .

Biography, Keralis

Keralis, whose real name has been revealed Arek Roman Lisowski was born in his home country of Poland on April 30, 1980. When he speaks in English, traces of Polish and Swedish accents can be heard, some of which have acquired early in his life in Sweden, where his family had moved. in Poland, his native country.

His educational achievements are not public. Despite his knowledge, however, he spent time in a trucking company in the logistics department. He probably started his YouTube channel at the company, but went into full-time online business in 2013. The gamer and commentator is known for mostly uploading Minecraft “Let’s Play” videos. His first YouTube video shows his skills building a wooden hotel on Planet Minecraft. The piece also drew significant attention on the platform, making Keralis popular as views on the video continued to grow.

After honoring an invitation to the HermitCraft server, extended by its creator Generikb, Keralis realized there was so much more it could do on YouTube. So, he focused on his games and created more video content. He has also gone beyond his Minecraft projects and explored the horizon in other popular games. Over time, it became apparent that he had a future in gaming and Keralis had to quit his job to give YouTube his full attention. It was February 2013 and he maintained his dominance over his popularity in the field.

His family

Although their identities are not known, Keralis’ parents are not a supportive duo for their son. The reason is that they don’t understand what he’s doing on YouTube as a career. On the other hand, he has a pillar of support in his wife. Nicknamed “Wifey,” his wife often appeared in his videos and even accompanied him in games. She also had an account called “Mrs_Keralis” on the HermitCraft server but she was not an active user.

Keralis and his wife are the parents of two sons, Damian and Kian; the family of four lives happily in Ystad, Sweden.

YouTube Player Facts

1. His online pseudonym (Keralis) is derived from a combination of letters from his first and last names. He first used it as his official nickname in the World of Warcraft game.

2. In addition to keeping his full name a secret for a while, Keralis also kept his face out of sight, as he only gave voiceover comments. That all changed when he rose to fame and thus made screen appearances to appreciate his fans who made it possible.

3. When her subscribers increased in number, Keralis quit her job and also uploaded a few vlogs, mostly in black and white. This is what he did after reaching the milestone of 50,000, 100,000 and 200,000 subscribers on his channel.

4. Besides his parents who have yet to figure out his career path, Keralis has a very cooperative partner: his wife and the mother of his children, who often accompanies him in his video game videos.

5. On his channel called Keralis, YouTube player was able to rack up an impressive 1,858,926 subscribers and 406,303,324 views at the beginning of April 2019. These numbers are expected to increase in the near future.