Most of the celebrities we know today have achieved success by looking at their parents, family members, or idols and emulating some aspect of their lives. In some cases, most parents map out career paths for their children even before they are born, while others allow them to choose the careers of their choice. In Kittyplays’ case, her family didn’t set out to make an internet splash; however, it was her interest in video games and the way her father loves to play games that inspired her to create her own account on Twitch. Let’s get to know her more.

Biography of Kittyplays (Age)

Well known popularly as Kittyplay, this beautiful lady’s birth name is Kristen Michaela. His parents gave him his name after he was born in Canada, on February 16, 1992. The two children also grew up next to his siblings – a brother named Graham and a sister whose identity is not known to the public. .

The professional streamer spent part of her life in her hometown before moving to the United States of America, where she manages her online career.

If you are wondering if she is a graduate the answer is simply yes. After completing her primary and secondary education, she was admitted to the University of Canada to continue her studies. She had initially considered becoming a surgeon, but later changed her mind and started studying business.

Kittyplays caught her gambling bug from her father. An avid gamer, it was he who inspired her to become a professional gamer. Besides the fact that they both love the game, Kittyplays is very good friends with her father. They do a lot of things together. In September 2018, the professional player uploaded some photos of her and her dad hiking in Peru.

Kittyplays launched her YouTube channel in the year 2013. She remained inactive on the platform until 2014 when she started uploading content for her fans. Its content sometimes revolves around popular video games such as Fortnite, CSGO, and Dota 2.

The player has a personal show called Playtime with Kitty Plays. As the host of the show, what she basically does on the platform is interview celebrities and also play games with them. She is also the founder of the networking and team mentoring team, Team Kitty. Kristen started the group with the goal of building a network of female content creators.

Her boy friend

It’s pretty hard to tell if the contractionstreamer is currently in a relationship. This is because she has been tough on her love life for many years, however, she once dated a guy called Gleen.

Although their relationship lasted (between 2014 and 2015), Gleen and Kittyplays made several appearances on her Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channels. She had also taught him how to play games such as CSGO.

Kittyplays was said to be from professional Twitch streamer, Turner Tenney, professionally known as TFUE. However, she repeatedly denied this claim, saying they were just friends.

KittyPlays’ Height

Kittyplays is one of the most beautiful female streamers in the industry. She is considered tall by her fans and no doubt she looks rather tall and curvy judging from her images littered online. When it comes to weight, the online sensation boasts comfortable body mass that complements her incredible figure. However, she has yet to share detailed information about her height, weight and measurements.

Other facts about KittyPlays

1. Kittyplays was among the players who participated in the Fortnite Korea Open tournament in 2018. She was paired up with TFUE and the two walked home with a large sum of money.

2. The player reportedly bought her house when she was 25. His annual income and net worth are under review.

3. Kittyplays is TFUE’s best friend. They worked together on several projects in the video game industry.

4. The player once said that if she wasn’t a streamer, she would have pursued a career in marketing or customer service.

5. To date, she has 234,000 followers on Twitter, 494,000 followers on Instagram and 641,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

6. His sexual orientation is straight.

7. Kittyplays is based in California, specifically in Los Angeles.