Koine Iwasaki is a Japanese-American dancer famous for his role in the reality television series So You Think You Can Dance. She is a talented and versatile dancer trained in several styles including hip-hop, ballroom, ballet, contemporary and jazz. She enjoys expressing her feelings and other important ideas through performance and is grateful to have the opportunity to explore the craft in so many ways.

Her dancing has been praised for its originality and the natural passion she always seems to radiate with her moves and choreography. Koine has been featured in several music videos by well-known artists in the entertainment industry and has also been invited to perform at high-profile events such as the Grammy’s and New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

When she’s not bringing down the room with her, Koine works as a dance teacher in several programs and institutes across the country. She has worked with many influential and talented choreographers who allowed her to influence and hone her skills, including Val Chmerkovskiy, Stacey Tookey, Peta Murgatroyd, Maks Chmerkovskiy and Marko Germar. Koine’s electric stage presence, combined with her ability to weave emotion and striking artistry into all of her performances, no matter how many lyrical lyrics she works with, makes her one of the most beloved dancers in the world. industry.

Biography of Koine Iwasaki

Koine Iwasaki was born in Japan on June 26, 1997. Her family moved from her home country to Florida when she was just two years old. The language and cultural barrier did a lot for her and her older brother, so their mother suggested they take up a hobby that didn’t require much and they ended up taking up dancing. Since then, Koine has spent virtually every day of his life engaging in some type of dance. After graduating from high school, she attended the Conservatory of Arts at Somerset Academy. She has been training since she was a child and has learned to really love dancing and aspire to have a career in it.

From the time she started watching So You Think You Can Dance when she was 8 years old, Koine harbored a strong desire to appear on the show. She spent her time training and waiting for the time when she was old enough to play. Her dreams came true when she auditioned at 19, wowing the judges and stepping into the house for the show’s casting. She starred in Season 14 of the show and quickly became a fan favorite of the show. Unfortunately, Koine didn’t win, but she came in second place behind Lex Ishimoto.

The series has allowed him to gain popularity and fame in the mainstream entertainment industry. Koine Iwasaki continued to perform as an auxiliary dancer for famous artist Maluma. She also taught at the Starmaker Dance Company where she trained other dancers. Furthermore, she has worked with KreativeMindz Dance Academy as well as many other schools where she trains people in the art of dance and performance which she masters so well. Koine has also worked on personal projects close to her heart and has created dance videos which she has uploaded to her social media pages in order to develop herself and showcase her talent.

Quick Facts About Koine Iwasaki

1. She is in a relationship with a fellow dancer

Koine Iwasaki dated dancer and TV personality Kiki Nyemchek appeared on Dancing With the Stars and Thinks You Can Dance since 2017. Although they have yet to reveal how and when their paths crossed for the first time, the couple are truly in love with each other. Their relationship is even more beautiful because they both love the same thing and can collaborate professionally while getting to know each other better every day.

2. Koine has big dreams for his career

The exceptional dancer said she would consider it a real honor to dance for artists such as Beyonce and Sam Smith in the future.

3. The TV star has an average height

While her personality seems to fill the screens and whatever room she wanders into, Koine Iwasaki is a petite woman standing just 5ft 3in tall. She has a gorgeous body to support her waist and she is always in shape thanks to her dance training.

4. She finds it funny when people keep mispronouncing her name.

One of the highlights of season 14 of So YouThink You Can Dance was watching the judges, along with his colleagues, butcher Koine’s name while trying to pronounce it. While most people would have been offended by this, she found it to be hilarious and grew to love it. People make mistakes saying her name almost always and she doesn’t let it worry her anymore.

5. Koine Iwasaki is very active on social media

The reality TV star and dancer has built up an impressive following on social media. She has over 76,000 followers on Instagram alone.