Lifestyle and beauty channels might be commonplace on YouTube but Kristin Johns has added a little spice to her own package to make it appealing to her subscribers. The American YouTuber uploads videos of makeup tutorials, beauty routines, as well as fashion reports, but to stand out from the rest of the similar content, she adds stories, challenges and any other kind of content that her fans want. would appreciate..

Apart from her online popularity, Kristin Johns is also known as the better half of internet star Marcus Johns who she loves so much. The two have collaborated on several occasions to the delight of their fans.

Biography of Kristin Johns

Formerly known as Kristin Lauria, the YouTuber was born on July 30, 1995 in the state of Louisiana in the United States, where she was also raised, especially in Baton Rouge. She later moved to Orlando, Florida and then to Tallahassee, where she attended Florida State University, but her early educational exploits are not known. She was also active on Vine before.

On January 26, 2015, Kristin Johns – her YouTube channel was created. She showed up a few months later (April 15) with her first upload titled My First YouTube Video | Ask Kristin. Her next video shows her hair tutorial to viewers, showing them how she styles her hair. Her introduction to the internet was very productive and without wasting any time she gained popularity garnering over 20,000 subscribers within the first two months of uploading her first content.

Her channel offers a whole range of beauty tips aimed at all women and has acquired over 592,276 subscribers, including 53,082,690 views in June 2019.

Ever since she found love in the arms of an internet sensation, it became natural for them to collaborate on a few projects. Thus, on January 22, 2017, a collaborative channel called Marcus & Kristin was launched by Kristin and her husband Marcus. Their first video was uploaded in May of the same year and it was an introductory video titled Welcome to our channel. The video of their second year We are parentsintroduced their new puppy, an addition to their growing family. Since then, the channel has had more uploads ranging from coverage of their wedding and honeymoon, to a tour of their home and general travel diaries. The channel now has millions of views captured by its many fans.

Recent uploads to the Marcus & Kristin channel include Our Adventures in Greece (Santorini and Mykonos), as well as Our Adventures in London – with both videos showing the couple’s visits to other countries. There’s also Total Office Makeover and Tour which shows how they transformed a home bouncer room into a cozy office space. One of her latest additions to the channel is MAKE CHOCOLATE BABKA WITH ME | Kristin’s Kitchen, where she shares her cooking skills with viewers.

Family life

Besides her sister who appeared in some of the videos, no other siblings have been linked to Kristin Johns. His sister’s name and the identity of their parents remained unknown. However, YouTuber started his own family with Marcus Johns. Her love for her husband knows no bounds. They married in 2017 and are now parents to a dog. The adorable lovers don’t have children of their own yet, and while they wait to welcome their children, they’re making the most of their youth. Their interests in similar things make them perfectly compatible with each other.

Marcus Johns is a Vine and YouTube star and has been in a few acting projects as well. He is known for films like The Punisher (2004), Canvas (2006), Rock of Ages (2012), Excluded (2014) and In This Gray Place (2018).

Other Facts About Kristin Johns

1. She is also popular on other social media platforms. On Instagram – @kristinjohns, she has over 541.6k followers while her Twitter account has accumulated over 74.4k followers. She was previously active on Vine, which she joined in April 2013.

2. His cat’s name is Biscuit and he’s featured in his first video.

3. Through marriage, she became friends with Marcus’ brother, Cody Johns, who is also a Vine star.

4. Both Kristin and her husband are devout Christians, as some of their tweets show.