Lady Gaga won fame thanks to her powerfulperformances and outstanding musical talents. She has had tons of controversial moments in her career and in her love life. When it comes to the love game, she met famous stars, including musicians and producers. Although she has always kept her love life out of the spotlight, Lady Gaga has remained open about her sexual orientation. it is not known if she is bisexual. In addition, she actively supports the LGBT community.

Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta in New York, the pop star, was born into this world on March 28, 1986. Besides music, Gaga is also an actress and songwriter. Lady Gaga began her career in 2005 and has released five studio albums and several hits. She has won six Grammy Awards, thirteen MTV Video and a Golden Globe. Also, the pop star has recorded three Brits to his name and is considered one of the best-selling musical artists of all time.

While she continued to dominate the limelight, scoring huge hits in her music career; the Queen of Pop hasn’t been so favored when it comes to the love scene. She had several relationships and was engaged at one point, but most of them are now history. Nonetheless, there is a positive indication that she may soon be attached to her current boyfriend, Christian Carino. Hold on tight, as we bring you Lady Gaga’s relationship and dating history below.

Lady Gaga’s Complete Dating History – Who Dated Lady Gaga?

1. Robert Fusari

Lady Gaga fell in love with the Grammy’s 2006 award-winning American record producer Robert Fusari, known as 8Bits, has yet to make it big in the music business, but Fusari was already working with big stars such as Britney Spears and Kelly Rowland. The duo began their journey after signing Gaga to Interscope Records. He helped the rising star kick-start his music career but after a while their relationship fell apart. In 2010, Robert filed a $30 million lawsuit against Gaga, alleging Gaga took a 20% pay cut and Gaga failed to deliver on her end of the bargain. However, the case later died for lack of substantial evidence to support his claims.

2. Matthew ‘Dada’ Williams

Matthew Williams is an American fashion designer and former creative director of Haus of Gaga from 2008 to 2010. Prior to his work at Haus of Gaga, the couple had a brief relationship in 2008. Meeting for the first time in a restaurant in Los Angeles, Gaga developed an affection for her future employee. Their acquaintance turned into a business relationship when he joined Haus of Gaga as creative director later that year. They worked together on several projects, including her first musical tour in 2009. After collaborating on the production of her title titled Alejandro and Supreme x GAGA, Williams left Haus of Gaga in the fall of 2010.

3. Luke Carl

American nightclub manager, disc jockey, and musician, Luc Carl had a fleeting relationship with Lady Gaga. The pair began their romantic relationship in 2005 and he was said to be an inspiration to Gaga, who had yet to find herself in the music industry. However, when their relationship ended, Lady Gaga revealed in a 2010 interview that she had never liked someone like Carl. Surprisingly, she wanted to work things out, but Carl was already in another relationship. that’s how they became history. Although speculations began to occur, Gaga sets the record straight in an interview, claiming that they were no longer together.located in New York City.

4.Taylor Kinney

While Gaga and Luc’s relationship was rumored to have passed away in 2011; the queen of pop fell into the arms of popular actor Taylor Kinney. She met the Vampire Diaries star in Nebraska while filming the video for her song, You and Me; Kinney played his love interest in music video. Soon after, they started a whirlwind romance in July 2011. The bond between them grew stronger and stronger as they became inseparable. However, after three years of a successful relationship, Kinney knelt down and proposed to the Queen of Pop in 2015. The following year, the pair called off their engagement due to her extremely busy career.A star is born ; nevertheless, they continued to be good friends.

5. Christian Carino

Struggling to get back on her feet after she broke up with Kinney, Lady Gaga stayed in the dating scene for a while. However, things didn’t go as she wanted as she was swept away by a proposal from her talent agent, Christian Carino, in October 2017. Although the pair decided to keep things to a minimum; they were seen kissing during the Super Bowl held in February 2017, which sparked a lot of speculation.

During red carpet moments at 2018Grammy, Lady Gaga became the center of attraction with her stunning appearance in a high neck catsuit and full skirt. She also rocked a snake ring she received from Christian after their engagement. For the intense love between these two, Christian had his face tattooed on his arm. Pretty amazing isn’t it?