Laineybot is one of the people who found fame and satisfaction on YouTube when posting personal vlogs. Her main channel, Laineybot, features videos of her personal life and family. She also has another channel, Beautybot, where she posts beauty and fashion video content. Both channels are doing quite well, attracting a sizable number of fans.

The social media sensation is beautiful, however, she has a boyish appearance, with all the masculinity, she is a simple and elegant woman. Her love and dedication to fashion is second to none. She is a lady who lives in the moment, capturing every moment of her life. The online personality makes videos of her personal time with her husband and family and mostly posts them as vlogs on her channel.

Laineybot enjoys family life with her husband and popular YouTuber, Gregory Jackson (Onision). Whenever she is not making videos, she takes time to take care of her children. She’s a fantastic mum who also likes to party and travel when she gets the chance.

Meet Laineybot – An American YouTuber

Laineybot was born on October 16, 1994 in Las Cruces, New Mexico. She’s a full-fledged American. And like many others before her, she managed to build herself a huge success on Youtube.

Speaking of YouTube, Laineybot launched her first channel in February 2015. She soon uploaded her first video, Girlfriend Girlfriend Tag (Laineybot & Onision). The video went viral and also became a big hit, amassing 1.1 million views to date. She followed this video with other videos containing fun and amazing daily routine content. Most of her videos are collaborations she has done with her husband, most of them having turned out to be the most popular on his channel.

She is consistent on the Laineybot channel where she regularly posts content such as dating and marriage videos, pregnancy videos as well as tagged videos. Except Girlfriend Girlfriend (Laineybot & Onision), she has a few other videos that are gaining viewership. They include Husband Cuts My Hair, I’ve Never Ever (Husband Edition), and Turning My Husband Into A Daughter (Gender Change 2). Although the channel does not yet have 6 subscribers to the figure, it is not doing badly with more than 380,000 subscribers.

Due to the fact that she built her world around YouTube, Laineybot has another channel, Beautybot. She launched the channel in September 2017 and uses it to promote her beauty and makeup content. On the channel, she has awesome makeup tutorials. She has content like Get Ready with Me videos, hair tutorials, how-to videos, and many more educational videos. To date, she has more than 30,000 subscribers on the channel.

She is also a social media personality. Although it is a common trend for YouTubers. She is very successful on her major social media accounts. She had over 122,000 followers on Twitter and over 196,000 followers on Instagram.

Laineybot’s personal life

The Youtuber is the one she wants without wasting time. She found love and followed her heart at just 18. She married Gregory Jackson aka Onision in 2012. Her husband is also a famous YouTuber. He also served in the United States Air Force. They have two beautiful children together.

The Lane and Sarah Scandal

Laineybot and her husband, Gregory Jackson, were on the wrong side of social media trending in 2017. They were accused of abusing underage girls. Although no official arrests were made, the evidence against them was overwhelming.

The story started with Lane, who had been a youtuber for a long time. There was speculation that she and her husband tried sleeping with the young fan. The rumors were debunked until Lane vaguely said that the couple had tried sleeping with her.

Just as their saga with Lane took a turn for the worse, the Sarah Ingles scandal broke. Laineybot was accused of grooming Sarah when she was 14. She left school in 2017 to live with Laineybot and her husband. Sarah later called the experience horrific.

This issue affected his reputation and social media following. She lost a lot of followers as a result of this incident.