There is no denying the fact that the social media platform Instagram has given birth to thousands of stars who usually stand out by doing things that seem very normal in a particular way. Moreover, most of the social media celebrities we know today have become very popular by exploiting the fame of already created stars and this is the category in which Lauren Wood could be classified. She’s an Instagram star who’s also appeared on TV during a concert or two and stands out for her beauty.

However, her beauty and talent are not the only factors that have contributed to the fame she enjoys today as a star. In 2014, at the age of 21, Lauren made headlines with her former American professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather, who became popular as a boxing promoter. Let’s explore the relationship between the two and what happened during their yachting adventure, but first, take a look at who Lauren Wood really is.

Lauren Wood’s Bio

The American Instagram sensation was born on March 13, 1993, which makes Pisces his zodiac sign. His birthplace is Texas, USA. Very little information is known about the social media personality’s family and early life, but it is known that she has a younger sister. Likewise, there is no information on her educational background, including the institutions she attended.

While her past life isn’t much in the spotlight, her social media exploits have been remarkable so far. On her Instagram account, she has amassed a massive fanbase which has over 860,000 followers among her flashy lifestyle on the platform.

Apart from being a social media model, Lauren Wood is also renowned for her other endeavors in the showbiz industry. She made guest appearances on the MTV improvisational comedy show Wild ‘N Out. The series debuted on July 28, 2005, and she appeared on the show’s sixth and seventh seasons to rave reviews. Back in 2015, fans were already joining her in supporting her and so she was voted the show’s fan favorite. Lauren appears alongside dancer, fitness personality and model Rosa Acosta in the American comedy series.

Family data and relationship with Floyd Mayweather

So far, the Instagram beauty hasn’t been very generous with details about her family and background. Thus, not much is known about her parents and siblings, although she mentioned that she has a younger sister but her identity is yet to be confirmed.

For her relationship timeline, the Instagram model hasn’t been the subject of many romantic stories, at least to our knowledge. Nonetheless, she is known to have been with NBA player Eric Moreland. Also born in Texas, like Lauren, Eric is a professional Power Forward in the NBA. He signed a contract with the Sacramento Kings as an untraded free agent in the 2014 NBA draft. There is no information on when and how the two started dating or how badly their relationship progressed. Nonetheless, the Instagram model made headlines in June 2014, when she was caught filming the luxury yacht life with famed boxer Floyd Mayweather.

For what it’s worth, there’s no telling what the relationship between the two is, but they seemed comfortable in each other’s company. Mayweather is no stranger to the reality of life and the jealousy of most men. So when the photos of him and the social media sensation on his yacht surfaced, it wasn’t much of a surprise. After their date on the yacht, Lauren and the boxing champion shared the photos on social media, some of which showed the boxing star hanging out with the handsome model and Wild ‘N Outstar. As expected, the footage got mixed reactions from fans. While some were excited to live the married life, others called out Mayweather for a number of reasons, most of which were race-related. Also, Mayweather didn’t hold onto relationships very much. He has a reputation for dating many women to whom he has become engaged, but he has never gone so far as to marry them.

However, he has four children and seems to be cool with his single life. After all, he once clarified that the only woman he needs in his life is his mother.