The music industry is growing every day with new artists and bands popping up every now and then. Leigh Kakaty is the founder and vocalist of rock band Pop Evil, who have been on the music scene for almost two decades, cultivating a fan base, pumping out great music, taking their success to new heights, and persevering through it all. The band has been through all sorts of career changes, from label dramas to reshuffles to member departures and other issues that have ended many bands, but they’ve managed to stand out, thanks to the passion and determination of its leader, Leigh.

The Pop Evil band member is a talented singer and songwriter. He has received numerous accolades for his works, including the Radio Contraband Rock Radio Awards Song of the Year Award, which he won with the rest of his team for their hit song, The Trenches. He has worked hard to build a career in the rock and metal music scene, creating music that his fans love and enjoy. He plays alongside Dave Grahs, who is a vocalist and guitarist, Matt DiRito, who plays bass and vocals, and Nick Fueling, lead guitarist and vocalist. The group has several projects under their belt, including: War of the Angels, Lipstick on the Mirror, Onyx, and their self-titled album Pop Evil.

Leigh Kakaty’s Bio

Leigh Kakaty was born on August 9, 1976 in Kingston, Ontario. He was raised by his parents, but the singer did not reveal his parents’ names, occupations, childhood and sibling status. There is also no information on where he went to school or what degrees he obtained. He then moved to North Muskegon, Michigan, where he worked as a singer before founding his rock band Pop Evil.

The singer founded the band by joining members of other bands in the area that had disbanded. At first their name was TenFive and they released an album and an EP titled The War of the Roses and Ready or Not. They later changed their stage name to PopEvil, they were then introduced to several music executives by a talent scout, which led to them being signed by G&G Entertainment, who took them on as agents.

In August 2008, Pop Evil released their debut studio album, Lipstick on the Mirror, to critical and commercial acclaim. It featured a number of songs that became fan favorites such as Springboard100 in a 55, and Someone Like You. This was followed by the album War of the Angels in 2012, inspired by the experiences and struggles of people trying to make sense of their past by moving on. The band hit the studio for a third time to record a new album titled Onyx, which featured their Rock Radio #1 single The Trenches

Leigh Kakaty and the band toured extensively, opening for famous bands such as Five Finger Death Punch. The group recorded other projects, including the Up and Pop Mal albums. They have also played with other bands such as Messer, Memphis May Incendie, Disturbed, Right Now, Carte Noire, Palaye Royale, and Killswitch Engage, among others.

Family, wife if married

En termes de vie amoureuse du Pop Evilleader, il y a très peu d’informations sur ses relations amoureuses. Il semble que Leigh Kakaty préfère garder sa vie personnelle pour lui-même et loin des médias. Seuls les amis proches et la famille sont au courant de l’histoire de sa relation. Il n’est toujours pas confirmé qu’il soit célibataire ou marié, de toute façon, il garde l’identité de quiconque est empêtré dans une relation amoureuse avec un secret bien gardé.

Leigh Kakaty was born in Canada to his parents and he was raised by them. Although the singer rarely talks about his family and loved ones, he mentioned that they are quite close and have a good relationship. Whether or not he has any siblings is unclear, as Leigh has not revealed the existence or identity of them. As far as we know he could be an only child or an orphan, there’s no way to tell for sure.

The net worth of Leigh Kakaty

With nearly two decades of experience in her professional CV, Leigh has achieved fame, success, and beautiful wealth, most of which stems from her music career. His net worth is believed to be considerable, but the exact figure is still under investigation.