Many ladies around the world would give away what they can look like Lexi Rivera does effortlessly. YouTube and Instagram celebrities are relatively new to the scene when it comes to building their own brand, but they’re thriving better than many social media personalities who’ve been around for a while.

Rivera slowly built her own online identity and consequently amassed a loyal fanbase. Of course, it helps that she’s surrounded by social media royalty. The social media star is also a gymnast and enjoys working out. It also helped strengthen his follow-up. Here’s everything we were able to find out about Lexi’s personal life and career.

Lexi Rivera’s Bio

The Instagram personality was born Lexi Brooke Rivera, in Huntington Beach, California on June 7, 2001. She’s fine at keeping secrets or she’s still relatively new at keeping details of her private life under wraps. Regardless, details of her life such as the identity of her parents and the academic institutions she attended remain unknown.

Rivera is a household name in his neighborhood and was popular in high school. She participated in and won many gymnastics competitions at school. She even placed first in an interschool competition once.

The California lady may have garnered millions of followers today across many platforms, but her debut wasn’t all that glamorous. When she was much younger, she started with a YouTube channel called Lexiloulouu. On this channel, she posted videos of herselfduring gymnastics practice. However, Lexi Rivera found her doorway to fame on Instagram instead and quickly followed her to the seven-figure platform.

After ditching Lexiloulouu a few years ago, she finally started another YouTube channel. This new channel has its own name Alexa Rivera. For content, Lexi doesn’t place herself in a niche down there. She uploads videos on different topics. One visit to his channel and you will find prank videos, challenge videos, personal vlogs, Q&A session videos and much more. By March 2019, the Instagram celebrity had also grown her YouTube fan base well past one million subscribers.

His net worth?

Lexi Rivera didn’t exist long enough to get rich, but she did relatively well. For one, she has monetized her YouTube channel and Instagram account and everyone can expect her to grow in the short and long term. As of now, different online sources have pegged Rivera’s net worth at around $300,000.

The Instagram star’s family life

As previously reported, Lexi Rivera comes from YouTuberoyalties. She is the only sister of three brothers, Blake, Brent and Brice, in that order. Lexi is the youngest of the four. Being the youngest child in the family and the only girl, her brothers are very protective of her. They are also very close family members.

Le plus ancien du peloton, Blake Rivera est unsportif. Blake est un joueur de hockey reconnu à l’échelle nationale et est connu pour son temps à jouer pour l’équipe de hockey Jr. Ducks. Il a également concouru au niveau national du jeu.

Next up is Brent. He is the biggest inspiration for Lexi Rivera’s social media career. It was Brent who started Lexi’s social media career for her. Anxious to raise awareness of his sister’s talents in gymnastics, he created a dedicated channel, Lexiloulouu and began uploading videos of Lexi practicing her routines. No one knows how much more this might have contributed to Lexi’s success if he hadn’t gone cold. Brent who was also running his own career on Youtube had to quit Lexiloulouu to devote more time to his own channel after starting to experience immense success in 2012. This was also the last year. Lexiloulouu has been updated.

Seeing Brent’s success, Lexifrère’s older alum Brice tried to follow the same path, but he didn’t see as much success as Brent on the platform. His own success and subsequent fortunes came via Instagram instead. Lexi’s career also followed the same path as Brice. She got some Instagram love long before she launched her Youtube channel that bears her name.

Lexi owes some of her success to her brothers as she appeared in so many videos for years before heading off for her own success. Even when she started out, she was long dubbed as Brent’s younger sister. However, since then she has come out of her shadow and become her own wife. She still spends a lot of time with her siblings and has even toured with Brent on several occasions, including Paris.

Does Lexi Rivera have a boyfriend?

It’s unclear whether the Instagram star is in a budding romance or not. However, the relationship rumor has yet to ignore her. Rivera was once rumored to be dating a former Vine star, Hayes Grier . This was likely due to her relationship with her brother, Brent. Lexi and Hayes appeared several times in Brent’s video.

More recently, it was rumored that she had a relationship with Ben Azelart who is a pro skateboarder. Ben and Lexi look great together and even ignited the romantic flame when Rivera uploaded a video to her YouTube titled “Handcuffed to Ben for 24 Hours.” In the video, she was literally handcuffed to her skateboarder boyfriend for about the whole day. The two have also appeared on many of Lexi’s other videos, and their Instagram seems to back up the dating rumors.

In both cases, however, Ben, Lexi and Hayes have all denied active partner status.