Lil Peep who has been described as a SoundCloud rapper and an emo rapper was an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He was known for being part of the post-emo revival style of hip-hop. He described the music as a string of self-expression that he doesn’t show on social media, the part that suffers from depression and anxiety. His death sparked the conversation about addiction and mental health.

Lil Peep Wiki, Height

Lil Peep was born November 1, 1996 as GustavElijah Åhr, Pennsylvania and grew up in Long Island, New York. He was of Irish, German and Swedish descent. He attended Long Beach High School in Lido Beach, New York, and he got good grades even while getting on the dean’s list. But since he doesn’t like going to school, he dropped out and took online courses to graduate. Knowing he was destined to do something creative, he started posting his music on YouTube and SoundCloud and garnered a large following. He was going to try things like fashion and acting.

He moved to Los Angeles at age 17 and started recording his own songs. In 2015 he released his first mixtape, Lil Peep Part One and two full length mixtapes: Crybaby and Hellboy in 2016. He released his debut album, Come When You’re Sober (Part One) on August 15, 2017. He was working under contract with First Access Entertainment for songwriting and conducting public performances. It was led by Chase Ortega.

Lil Peep stood at a height of 1.80m


Lil Peep was already starting to make waves in the music industry and still had a long way to go. His passing on November 15, 2017 on his tour bus in Tuscan, Arizona came as a shock to thousands of fans and the hip-hop community. He posted on his Instagram page about his drug use, although these substances did not help and advised against his use.

The cause of his death was suspected to be a drug overdose, but this was confirmed by a report on which states that he died from the combined toxic effects of fentanyl and alprazolam. His manager was the first to confirm his death via a tweet that announced that he had been waiting for Peep to die for a year.

His family and friends gathered on November 20 at AL Jacobsen’s funeral home at Huntington Station. His body was cremated and his ashes buried in a private ward where he said he felt most at home.

A well-attended memorial service was held in her honor in Long Beach, New York on December 2, 2017. Her grandmother, Jerry Kastner, gave a speech followed by her mother. Colleagues and friends also gave speeches in his honor. His fans described him as unique and praised him for his uniqueness.

Stars like Diplo, Post Malone, Bella Thorne, LilUzi Vert and DJ Marshmello, whom he cared deeply about, took to Twitter to mourn the rapper and praise his great tributes. He had great ambition and a thriving career and his death left a broken heart, including that of Sarah Stennett, CEO of First Access Entertainment.

Was Lil Peep gay? Girlfriend

Peep came out as bisexual in August 2017 saying it takes courage and confidence to be open. There was no recorded relationship with any guy, although he had a close professional relationship with his manager. He dated actress and singer Bella Thorne who posted a heartfelt tribute to him on Twitter the day after his death.

In September 2017, he started dating social media sensation, Arzaylea Rodriguez from Austin, Texas. Her father was in the music industry and owns the company, Tunes Headphones. Arzaylea was once involved with lead singer of Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer, Luke Hemmings. They dated for a while, but broke up in May 2017.

Lil Peep’s family: mother, brother

Peep was born to his father, Karl Johan Ahr, who has Liza K. Womack, of Swedish and German descent, of Irish and German ancestry. His parents divorced when he was a teenager and both were Harvard graduates. Her father is a college professor and her mother a first-grade teacher at Birch Elementary School in Merrick.

He had an older brother, Karl ‘Oskar’ Áhr, who is 23 and a silky terrier, Taz, with whom he spent more time writing his songs. There is also a maternal grandmother, Jerry Kastner, grandfather and several cousins.

He talked a lot about his mother and said she was very proud of him and his success. His mother recounted the difficulties the young boy had to face. She added that her son had been rejected by people who only saw him from the outside and never for who he really was. She said her son was fed up with the world and rejected him because of his various forms of prejudice from society.

His mother was obviously touched by his death took to her Instagram page to praise her son. Jerry described his son as a stubborn, driven, talented, cunning, observant and tender young man who is also vulnerable and has lived his life his own way.

His brother believed in him and said that Peepac accomplished a lot during his short time on earth, something most people can never do in their lifetime. He called his brother’s death an accident stating that Peep had taken a substance he did not expect to find in the one he was taking.