Following the evolution of bodybuilding, many women are beginning to build and control their musculature for aesthetic or other purposes through weightlifting and nutrition. Bodybuilding is a traditionally male sport, but Linda Durbesson, Dayana Cadeau, Nicole Bass-Fuchs, Nikki Fuller and many more are among the popular faces redefining what sport is and what women can win at. develop their body structure.

Since Durbesson broke out, she has been very helpful in pushing sports towards wider mainstream exposure. She is very successful on her social media pages where she teaches her fans how to stay fit and have an amazing body. To learn more about the amazing bodybuilder, keep reading below.

Linda Durbesson: Bio & Age

Linda Durbesson is a renowned fitness enthusiast, model, and personal trainer. Although she currently resides in America, she was born in Carpentras, France on December 20, 1979.

She started learning ballet at the age of five and would later develop a penchant for exercise. From ballet, she turned to basketball, tennis, handball and karate and, several years later, she began to practice martial arts, mountain biking, kite-surfing, ninjitsu and several athletics events.

There are no further details about her background and early life, as she hasn’t really given more information about herself.

His family

Linda Durbesson could become a force in the fitness industry, but it’s hard to get information about her family; The reason is that she does not mix information about her personal life with that of her profession. Nonetheless, it seems she has a supportive family who may have inspired her to never give up in life.

More Bodybuilder Facts

1. Fitness Journey

Linda Durbesson started showing a keen interest in physical fitness since childhood and after playing several sports at a young age and suffering from depression, she finally decided to become a bodybuilder in order to overcome the worries of adult life.

Her fitness journey started after she got fed up with her life after breaking up with her boyfriend. As we mentioned earlier, Durbesson was not born in the United States. In 2010, she moved to Florida with her boyfriend to explore and learn more about American culture. Shortly after they arrived, Linda broke up with her boyfriend and she was left to take care of herself.

Since she had no relatives in America and does not speak English fluently, she finds it difficult to adapt to her new environment. With no family or loved ones by his side, the bodybuilder began to suffer from anxiety and depression. It was while she was going through a dark period in her life that she fell in love with bodybuilding, which would later become the solution to her problems.

In an effort to master the sport, she was admitted to an American college where she learned about training plans and the importance of nutrition. She went on to earn a master’s degree in personal training, which became a strong motivator and motivator for her fitness journey.

2. Body measurements

The physical trainer stands out as one of the sexiest female bodybuilders in the world. Linda Durbesson may not be the most feminine woman you know, but her physical training is nothing short of amazing. According to the information extracted from her profile, she weighs between 65.8 and 70.3 kilograms and is 165 cm tall.

The fitness guru’s chest-waist-hip sizes are recorded as 41-27-34 inches. Linda sports brown hair while her eyes are dark brown.

3. Commercial interest

In addition to his fitness career, Durbesson has his own product line of LD Fit supplements, skin care, and resistance and home workouts.

4. Social media presence

The top bodybuilder boasts of an incredible number of fans on his social media pages. She has over 850,000 followers on her Instagram account alone and over 200 subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she shares exercise tips and fitness videos for her fans.

5. Fitness Idols

According to Linda Durbesson, she has no idols in the fitness industry, but she considers her overwhelming admirers to have been the main influence in her growing career and success.


The California-based professional trainer is said to have planned his diet around green vegetables, complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and fruits.