Many people who followed The Real Housewives of Atlanta before 2009 would certainly know Lisa Wu. She is also a popular TV personality, screenwriter and designer.

Even though there are many great things in the life of the beautiful woman, her life has not been without drama.

Lisa Wu Wiki, Biography

Lisa Wu was born on January 23, 1973 in Inglewood, California and she is also known as Sharon Millette Hartwell. Even though there is very little information about how she was raised or her family life, she always seemed to be made for public life as she always wanted to perform whether it was singing or performing. acting.

A California native and mother of three, she got her start in showbiz with bands like the popular Public Enemy and EPMD as a dancer before moving on to other things.

That said, she’s done a lot, including writing a play directed by Tyler Perry over 20 years ago, and she’s been writing, producing, and starring in his film as far back as 2000. She’s also been a writer and his book is When the cake is done

Many people may not be familiar with her acting role, but she has starred in a number of films including That Must Be the Music and Black Ball which she wrote and produced.

Although she rose to fame through her appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta with NeNe Leakes, Kim Zolciak, ShereeWhitfield and DeShawn Snow as the original cast, she later decided to leave because she thought the show wouldn’t work. didn’t describe who she was. Instead, he was giving his audience who he wanted her to be and that’s why she decided to stop him.

Lisa Wu divorced, married, husband

Lu was married twice and both marriages ended up divorcing. Lisa’s first husband was Keith Sweat, and the two married in 1992. Her marriage to the American R&B and soul singer and songwriter was able to survive the next 10 years before finally crashing in 2002.

After the divorce, Wu engaged in a legal battle to keep her two sons, but she failed in the attempt. According to the leaked decision of Judge Cynthia D. Wright,

“There is evidence that the father was violent towards his mother, but no evidence that he was ever violent with any of his children.”

Additionally, the judge ruled that the children “lacked structure in their lives, an important part of the mother’s many business ventures and frequent trips out of town…Mother has a habit of spending money excessively on herself rather than provide for the children… There was evidence at trial that the mother had implicitly participated in the father’s robbery in the presence of the children. She also took money from the father before this affair started. This behavior causes the Court to question Mother’s maturity and judgment. »

“The father is able to provide the boys with a stable and secure home environment where their care is not delegated to random third parties.”

Lisa’s next marriage was to a former American football linebacker, Edgerton Hartwell. The two got married in 2005, and they had a son, Edgerton Hartwell Jr. However, that wasn’t enough reason to prevent the marriage from falling apart, as the couple decided to go their separate ways in 2011.

According to rumors, the divorce was due to money. Nevertheless, the beautiful woman came out to claim that money has nothing to do with divorce.

Since getting divorced for the second time, Wu has had no public relationship.

Lisa Wu Net Worth

There was a time when it was reported that some of the Real Housewives of Atlanta stars were already broke. It was reported that Sheree Whitfield, NeNe Leakes, Kim Zolciak and Lisa Wu were all broke.

However, as it stands, the report was not entirely true. Even though Wu doesn’t have it in millions, she is able to create a brand for herself and build a decent business for herself.

She has a decent net worth of over $100,000 to show for her business and hard work.