Gal Gadot is easily one of the quickly established actresses in the industry. The Jewish actress went from beauty queen to military officer and became one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars in just a few short years. She starred in a number of films, some of which turned out to be major blockbusters and others which ended up becoming box office failures. Here is a list of 10 Gal Gadot movies ranked from best to worst.

Gal Gadot List of Movies Ranked Best to Worst

1. Wonder Woman (2017)

Movie fans had been buzzing for months with anticipation for the Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gadot, and it seemed their patience had been rewarded when the film was released. It became the highest-grossing film ever made in the DC Universe and won acclaim from viewers and critics alike for its cinematic brilliance and feminist storyline. The film tells the original story of one of the most popular, iconic and powerful superheroes in comic book history. Gal played Diana, Wonder Woman’s marvelous wife, daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus. She was raised by Amazonian women far from humanity, where no one knows of his true abilities until a young man named Steve is lucky enough to stumble upon the island and turn his world upside down with his brutal and gruesome war stories. This leads her to face Ares, the god of war, to stop him from destroying the world. It’s a tough role, emotionally and physically, but Gal managed to get through it without difficulty.

2. Justice League (2017)

Once again, the earth is in danger and it’s up to DC’s top superhero league, the Justice League, to save humanity. Lex Luthor created the ultimate monster, Doomsday, and let him loose in the world knowing how far his capacity for destruction extends. However, for reasons no one quite understands, Superman and Batman are at each other’s throats instead of teaming up to fight the new blight of the world. He comes across Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) – the powerful Amazon goddess to save the day. You can’t help but notice her performance in all its glory and you’ll agree that it’s one of Gal Gadot’s best films to date.

3.Fast Five (2011)

The fifth installment of Fast and Furiouswas the Israeli actress’ second appearance on the franchise. She played a weapons expert named Gisele Harabo. It was Gal’s first big-screen role and she completely killed it. Her military background gave her much-needed credibility and authenticity. She was already used to the physical demands she needed to play this role and her knowledge of firearms sealed the deal. As Dominic Toretto and his crew head to the frontiers to escape paying for the many broken laws trying to save him from prison, Gal dazzles audiences with his performance. Dwayne Johnson’s character is hard on the tail, just like a drug kingpin. This latest heist could grant them their freedom or destroy any last hope.

4. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

There were a lot of mixed reviews following the release of Batman v Superman, with few agreeing that Gal Gadot’s character was one of the best parts of the movie. In fact, the two main leads would have ended or interfered with each other’s lives if she hadn’t stepped up to try to make things right. Although her role was relatively minor and she didn’t arrive until the end of the film, Gal Gadot was a star in her own right. She assured that this performance made Batman v Superman one of Gal Gadot’s best films to date.

5. Fast and Furious 6 (2013)

Gal helped Toretto’s team pull off their $100 million hit Fast Five, her role as weapons expert Giselle revealed in part six of the series. Dwayne Johnson character Agent Hobbs forgets to stop the group and enlists their help in bringing down and capturing a dangerous terrorist. As usual, Dom gathers the team to carry out this mission, but things take an unexpected turn: Letty is very much alive and working with the man she has decided to capture. The story is true to form and reasonable, laying the groundwork for the actions and decisions they will need to make. Gadot delivers on her role despite being somewhat new to the series, leaving viewers feeling cherished long after the film’s end.

6. Fast and Furious (2009)

This was the first Fast and Furious filmGal Gadot appeared. Although she put on a pretty good performance considering her manliness in the acting business, it’s not her brightest role. However, she didn’t fail to give us an idea of ​​what the future might hold for her as an action genre star. This article follows Dominic as he tries to avenge Letty, who died during a secret mission. His thirst for revenge brings him to the doorstep of a ruthless drug lord, Arturo Braga, and Dom sets out to destroy him and end his organization once and for all. The narrative reminds us why we love the franchise and why it continues to endure. Family is everything, and the crew would do anything to protect and honor their own,

7. Criminal (2016)

The former beauty queen plays Pope Jillian in This action-thriller is easily one of Gal Gadot’s worst films. It received poor reviews from critics and viewers and was an absolute box office failure, managing to bank $38.8 million, compared to $31.5 million spent on production. Despite the talent of the cast including Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Oldman, Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds and Gadot, the film was painfully bland at best and unbearable the rest of the time. It’s one of those times when an actor wishes he could wipe his career slates clean, but it happened, and there’s no turning back. We can only hope that such a scourge will never dry up our senses again.

8. Kicking Out Shoshana (2014)

Not a person to forget her roots, Gal Gadot has starred in two Israeli films such as this sports comedy movie in which she plays Mirit Ben Harush. It followed the life of Ami Shushan, a footballer from conservative Jerusalem, forced to pose as a homosexual punished for playing with the friend of a petty mob lord. He’s stuck with two options: act like a homosexual or lose his life, so he reluctantly obeys. However, his new status soon costs him his career, his fans, his family and his friends, but earns him the love and support of the gay community. His forced exit story sparks a sexual revolution in Jerusalem and he is considered a hero by the LGBTQ community.

9. Triple 9 (2016)

The acclaimed actress sank a little low when she starred in this mediocre crime thriller. She starred alongside beloved artists such as Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kate Winslet, Casey Affleck, Michael K. Williams, Anthony Mackie, Michelle Ang and Aaron Paul as Elena Vlaslov. The film tells the story of a group of dirty cops who try to break their fortunes to save themselves and keep their crimes from being exposed, but things go awry and leave them royally fucked. The film only managed to reach $25 million when it cost $20 million to produce. Gal’s role in the film is not worth remembering. If you’re talking about Gal Gadot movies, you’re unlikely to hear about them in conversation.

10. Keep the beat

The Joneses are a tough family to follow with a lesson their neighbors and viewers have to learn the hard way. The film tells the story of a regular suburban couple who try to befriend their new neighbors, the Joneses, but soon discover that the mysterious couple are hiding a dangerous secret. The truth is that the Joneses are government agents sent to spy on them and, of course, that sets off an unfortunate and sometimes hilarious sequence of events.

Although it’s an action movie, it barely qualifies as one of those things. The action feels cartoonish and unrealistic, and the comedic moments feel forced and unnatural. It’s not an easy movie to watch, and anyone who makes it to the end should be commended for having a higher tolerance than most. It received poor to poor reviews and could only gross $29 million, compared to a $40 million production project. It was a resounding failure that resulted in a money-wasting scheme, making it one of Gal’s worst films.