Becoming a presenter was not welcomed in her wildest imagination. However, when she started enjoying talking and asking questions, every path led to a career. Louise Minchin became a mainstay of BBC Breakfast, co-hosting with Dan Walker, where she has continued to amaze us for over a decade.

A British news reporter and presenter, she currently works as a freelancer at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Find out more interesting facts about her.

Louise Minchin Biography,

Louise Mary Grayson is the daughter of a Major of the Irish Guards in the British Army. She was born on September 8, 1968 during the period when Hong Kong was ruled as a colony and a British dependent territory of the United Kingdom. So, she was born in Hong Kong, Great Britain, where she lived until she was 5 years old. She then grew up between Hampshire and London.

She had her secondary education at St Mary’s School, Ascot before going to the University of St Andrew where she obtained a degree in Spanish. For her love of language and knowledge, Louise has traveled to many places including Chile and Patagonia – where she sparked her interest in presentations – as an interpreter. Aware that she likes to ask questions and decipher what she wanted to do, she embarked on a career in the media. She then studied journalism at the London College of Communication. In 2014, Louise Minchin received an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of Chester.


With enough quivers in her arrow, she started growing her resume. Louise Munchin spent a year in Argentina where she worked for the Latin America section of the BBC World Service, putting her knowledge of Spanish to good use. She also worked for the Today show, Radio 5 Live, in 1998, where she presented many of the station’s shows as well as many other local radio stations. She was part of the World Cup coverage for BBC News in 2006.

Over time, Louise became a regular presenter of the BBC News Channel from September 2003 to April 2012, working on their various platforms and programs including BBC One, BBC World Service, BBC Breakfast 24, BBC News 24, BBC Radio 4 , BBC Sports, Sunday Life, The One Show, Real Rescues, Missing Live, you and yours. Minchin collaborated with famous rugby player and TV presenter Gethin Jones for the Crime and Punishment documentary series which first aired in 2012.

In addition, she was a relief presenter on BBCBreakfast between 2006 and 2007 before becoming a main presenter of BBC News at One until April 2012. She will be best remembered for her contribution to the broadcast on BBC Breakfast. Although she initially replaced an absent colleague in 2006, she has been associated with the show for over ten years. She returned to Radio 5 Live as co-presenter with Peter Allen of the November 2012 program Drive.

While doing what she’s come to love and love, Louise Minchin has had the privilege of interviewing the likes of David Cameron, Art Garfunkel, Will Smith, Sigourney Weaver and former Take That star Robbie Williams. Additionally, she has presented some of the world’s biggest news stories to millions of viewers, including the capture of Colonel Gadaffi, the London bombings and the royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge; Prince Williams and Kate Middleton.

Other companies

Before you start thinking she’s all about giving well-articulated presentations and a brilliantly orchestrated delivery with captivating inflections, Louise Minchin is much more than her commitment to the BBC. She finds time for other matters of interest, not just leisure judging by the dedication and time she devotes to them.

She had appearances in two BBC series: Spy Drama Spooks and the Torchwood miniseries Children of the Earth

In 2016, Minchin was among the stars who competed in Celebrity MasterChef on BBC One finishing second. Others include Amy Childs, Sid Owen and Strictly Come Dancing pro Gleb Savchenko.

Minchin is also associated with various charities. She supports SOS Children’s Villages, which provides shelter and families to orphaned and abandoned children.

She is an amateur triathlete and competed in the standard distance event (1500m swim, 40km bike and 10km) at the Triathlon World Championships in Chicago on September 19, 2015. Minchin qualified for the team at the Dambuster Rutland Water Triathlon on June 15, 2015 and went on to finish 71st out of 78 finalists at Worlds. Additionally, she competed in a triathlon in the Patagonia region of Chile, South America on December 9, 2018.

Louise is also an author. His book Dare to Tri: My journey from BBC breakfast couch to GB Team triathlete was released on May 3, 2018.

Salary and net worth

Minchin has proven over the years that hard work and dedication pays off. So every penny she earns is well deserved and speaks volumes about her prowess and charisma. She earns an annual salary of £50,000 and an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Louise Minchin, Husband and Family Facts

Louise married David Minchin, a restaurant owner from June 6, 1998, who she describes as one of the best in her life. The couple was blessed with two daughters, Mia (born in 2002) and Scarlet (born in 2005). They also have a pet Labrador called Waffle.

In 2011, after BBC Breakfast moved from its location to the city of Salford, it was announced that Minchin would take over the show entirely. The family of four then moved from London to MediaCity in Salford, near Chester.

Following the birth of her first child which she had after an emergency caesarean section due to the birth of the baby, she was taken back to the hospital a few days later due to severe pain. It was discovered that his appendix had burst, resulting in peritonitis. Nonetheless, she received adequate medical care from the surgeons and has since made a full recovery.