YouTube sensations Lucas and Marcus have continued to be a delight for their many fans around the world. Lucas and Marcus, which is also the name of the YouTube channel created from the collaboration of the two brothers, is indeed a favorite of those who frequent the platform. The channel, which has garnered millions of subscribers over the years, showcases the brothers serving up their dancing and stunt skills to their viewers. The twins have achieved great notoriety on the internet with their talent and have continued to excel within the web space.

Lucas and Marcus started by posting sets of dance videos on the six-second video app, Vine. Their channel called Twinbotz had amassed a large amount of thousands of likes. As of 2015, the twins could boast over 700,000 Vine followers. Today, Lucas and Marcus have up to 12 million subscribers on their youtube channel.

Lucas and Marcus Biography – How old are they?

Prolific dancers Lucas and Marcus Dobre-Mofid were born on January 28, 1999 in Maryland to their parents; Aurelia Dobre, their mother, and Boz Mofid, their father. It must have been a matter of heredity for the twins born into a family of dancers. Their mother Aurelia is a renowned artistic gymnast who retired in the late 80s.

Auriela won the 1987 world championship on the balance beam, as well as numerous other awards. Dobres father, Boz Mofid, owns the Dobre Gymnastics Academy located in Maryland. Starting with the Vine app, the twins took on the name TwinBotz and mesmerized their followers with their well-coordinated dance moves. Lucas and Marcus, whose videos weren’t going so well, collaborated with Jake Paul, who was a hugely popular Vine app sensation at the time.

Meeting the ace Viner culminated in the creation of their groundbreaking video dedicated to Lycia Faith and SelfieC. The video subsequently garnered a lot of views, thus attracting followers to their channel. The channel’s follower count grew to 300,000 in 2014, with over 800 million loops on their uploads. TwinBotz was gaining power on the net.

As twins, Lucas can read his brother’s mind during their performances, allowing them to synchronize their moves and stunts with good coordination.

What are they known for?

As mentioned earlier, the Dobre twins have gained popularity as twin dancers known for their mesmerizing moves and stunts. They upload content ranging from challenge videos, experiments, vlogs, dance videos, pranks and all things entertaining. Although the twins created their Youtube channel in 2011, Lucas and Marcus started posting videos on the channel in 2015.

The Lucas and Marcus channel has garnered over 12 million subscribers and over 2 billion views. Their first YouTube video was recorded under the title “What are the Odds” with Viner, Paul. They also have another channel on called d obretwins which also has a large following.

Lucas and Marcus got a lot of help from their mother Aurelia. Born to a dance and stunt expert, the twins have mastered many physical training techniques that have helped them design unique dance moves and stunts.

The twins do not live their mother in their dance business. They made a video When Your Mom Is Better Than You that featured their mom to prove her much-needed impact in their lives and more specifically their business.

Lucas and Marcus are also speaking out on the social media space where they call their fans the Dobrearmy. With millions of followers on Instagram and thousands on Facebook and Twitter, the twins are sure to sit on a high pedestal among their peers.

Other facts to know about Lucas and Marcus

  • Together, YouTube sensations Lucas and Marcus have an estimated net worth of $3 million. The twins make a lot of money from their videos which reach a large audience within seconds.
  • The Dobre twins have two older brothers; Cyrus born in 1993 and Darius born in 1995.
  • The talented duo signed with the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) in March 2018.
  • Lucas and Marcus were initially members of Paul’s Team 10, but later left the team in Los Angeles. They returned to Maryland after admitting they were really homesick and had disappeared.