Does the name “Dobre Twins” mean anything to you? They are two brothers, Marcus and Lucas Dobre, who have made themselves known thanks to their online presence. Dubbed Twinbotz, this standout pair have built a massive fan base on Vine with over 1.7 million subscribers on the platform. A very interesting fact about these two artists is that they are both talented dancers and have impressed their fans with their amazing dance moves, comedic stunts, backflips, and gymnastics videos.

Besides Vine, they are also YouTube stars, with over 15 million loyal fans on their YouTube channel. Ever since their meteoric rise, fans have been so curious to know more about them. Here we have gathered some interesting facts about Lucas Dobre, his brothers and the start of their journey. Read more below.

Lucas Dobre – Bio & Personal Details

The dance guru was born as Lucas Dobre in Maryland, United States, and his birth took place on January 28, 1999. He was born to gymnasts – Boz Mofid and his wife, Aurelia Dobre. In addition to holding an American nationality, Lucas also has Romanian and Iranian ancestry.

Growing up, Lucas spent his early years in Maryland with his siblings – Marcus (his twin) and two older brothers – Darius and Cyrus. Coming from a family steeped in dance and gymnastics, Lucas became interested in the performing arts at an early age. He often followed his parents to their gymnasium called Dobre Gymnastics Academy in Baltimore, Maryland. There, he and his brothers learned to break-dance and perform backflips and other calisthenics.

From there, the twins joined the now defunct video-sharing app, Vine where they started uploading several dance clips as well as backflips, pranks and comedy videos. In 2014, their channel Twinbotz already had more than 300,000 subscribers. Their popularity continued to rise, and they also collaborated with other Vine stars, including Jake Paul. In 2016, their Vine channel had over 1.6 subscribers before Twitter announced the end of the platform.

Undeterred, Lucas Dobre and his brother made their way to YouTube where they started a channel called “Lucas and Marcus”. There they continued to upload several dance videos, pranks, comedy sketches, dares and gymnastics to the admiration of their many fans. Following their uniqueness, it didn’t take long for these two to become famous on the platform. In 2019, their channel had over 15 million loyal subscribers and their videos had been viewed over 3.6 billion times.

Other Amazing Vine Star Facts

1. Lucas Dobre and his brother, Marcus, are identical twins

Although not all twins appear to be the same; however, this does not apply to Lucas and his brother. From their appearance, they are said to be identical. More so, wearing the same costume, you would hardly tell the difference between them.

2. Her mother is a former world champion in artistic gymnastics

As we mentioned earlier, Lucas Dobre was born into a gymnastic family. His mother, Aurelia Dobre, is a Romanian choreographer and former artistic gymnast who has made impressive progress during her active years in the sport. As a representative of Romania, she won three gold medals at the 1987 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Championships, held in the Netherlands.

Amazingly, Aurelia was inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame in May 2016. She emigrated to the United States in 1991 and married Lucas’ father, Boz Mofid, an Iranian gymnastics coach there. In addition to gymnastics, Aurelia is also a choreographer and dance coach at Dobre Gymnastics Academy, an academy founded in Maryland.

3. Lucas and his brothers have a collaborative YouTube channel

While Lucas and his twin brother, Marcus, have enjoyed incredible success through their YouTube channel, they also have another channel labeled “Dobre Brothers”. On this channel, they upload videos of collaboration with their two older brothers – Darius and Cyrus. So far, their channel has registered over 7 million subscribers and their videos have been viewed over 1.1 billion times. In 2018, the Dobre brothers joined the Creative Artists Agency; an American talent and sports agency based in Los Angeles.

4. Lucas Dobre started dating an Instagram model in March 2018

Regarding his personal life, Lucas Dobre is currently in a relationship with an Instagram model named Ivanita Lomeli. Although Ivanita was born in Virginia, USA, her parents hail from Tototlan, Jalisco, Mexico. The gorgeous pair started their relationship in early 2018 and have been going strong ever since. Thanks to their relationship, Ivanita rose to fame and garnered a huge following on Instagram with over 740,000 loyal followers.