The popular Canadian singer Mac DeMarco is known for many songs but especially for his album. Rock and Roll nightclub which was its debut. He is also a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. He recorded great achievements during his musical career. DeMarco is generally perceived as a blue wave musician, but he often describes his style as jizz jazz. Here are other interesting facts about the singer

Mac DeMarco Biography, Age

He was born on April 20, 1990 in Duncan, England.Columbia, Canada. Growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, he attended McKean School where he was involved in several bands. But it was more a matter of interest and hobbies back then. After graduating from high school at Strathcona High School in 2008, Mac moved to Vancouver and began making significant strides towards a career in music.

In Vancouver, Mac couldn’t be more encouraged, he started by recording music in his apartment. With a totally different approach, he recorded an EP, The Heatwave which was a carefully curated list of his best songs since arriving in Vancouver. It was just one of his many early projects. He released Heat Wave in 2009 and it was a resounding success.

Mac found his breakthrough in 2012 following his deal with the label, Captured Track. Subsequently, he released an album, Rock and Roll Night Club, which spoke volumes about his unique style of music. This motivated DeMarco to release album 2 which was a commercial success. In 2014, the talented musician released his second studio album, Salad Days which topped different charts at once. The following year, in August, he released another album, Another which was another notable production by the singer.

In May 2017, Mac released their third studio album titled This Old Dog. He achieved massive sales from this album which topped various charts. Mac DeMarco’s career has flourished over the years. The multi-talented artist has managed to carve out a place for himself with his very unique style of music.

His net worth

Mac DeMarco has his net worth estimated at $3 million by various sources. This figure is due to his musical projects, which include various shows, album sales and tours. Given his determination and hard work, this amount could become an insignificant figure for the talented singer in the years to come.

Family – Dad, sister

DeMarco who is of Italian descent was named Vernor Winfield McBriare Smith IV after his great-grandfather and grandfather. DeMarco’s father, Mac Smith III, left his family when the singer was just five years old. Mac never had a relationship with him. According to some reports, his parents never married. Mac’s father, an alcoholic and drug addict, refused to pay child support, forcing her to change her children’s surnames.

Mac DeMarco was born into a family of musically inclined people. He had a talented opera singer for a grandmother and his grandfather was a saxophone killer. Mac’s mother, Agnes DeMarco, also started playing music when she was much younger, although she has become interested in other things over the years. Surely that’s how he got the musical inclination, but Mac didn’t act like that until he left high school.

Mac has a younger brother named Hank. However, there isn’t much information on whether he has more siblings, despite references to his mother, father, and grandparents. Some believe Mac has a sister. But further investigations show that the sister referred to is actually one of DeMarco’s traces. Sister is one of the tracks from Mac’s third studio album That Old Dog which he released in May 2017.

The song, Sister was her shortest track on the album with a running time of 1:19 minutes. Many wondered who this song was for, as the singer did not mention a blood related sister.


DeMarco is in a relationship with longtime girlfriend Kiera McNallys. The couple started out as childhood friends in their teens and took things more seriously as they got older. Mac and Kiera would be 14 when they became friends and have been dating for over seven years. DeMarco’s relationship with McNally has not been shamed or hidden from the media. He has mentioned Kiera on different platforms and still publicly casts her as the love of his life.

Body Measurement – Height and Weight

Mac DeMarco has the right body characteristics for his career in showbiz. He stands at a height of 1.75m, which is quite commensurate with his weight of 77kg. The Ode to Victory singer has hazel eyes that give him a unique glow.