She is known for her acts in comedy, lives her for fun and comedy, she is none other than Mallory Everton, the comedian who invested most of his time in the entertainment world through comedy . She rose to fame as a member of a comedy troupe whose works were well received. However, she soon gained more popularity than all the other members of the group as her hard work and creativity were noticed and loved by the fans.

Since becoming famous, Mallory Everton hasn’t failed to thrill fans with comedy sketches she writes for Studio C. If you’re still wondering what the lady is up to and why she keeps her private life tightly wrapped, read on for the juicy details.

Biography of Mallory Everton

Born September 20, 1989 in Portland, Oregona dad; Bob Everton and mother; Collen Everton, Mallory has five siblings and is the youngest of them all. She attended Liberty High School where she was a worshiper and was raised in a Christian household, attending The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Mallory Everton studied at Brigham Young University and graduated in Media Arts in 2012, majoring in screenwriting, editing and directing. Although she intended to become a doctor, she got a scholarship from the Ray and Tye Noorda foundation due to her excellence and majestic works in the field of arts. This saw a career shift in her career as she soon joined the entertainment world.


Mallory is an actress, songwriter and director; she started working with Studio C as an actress in 2012. She confirmed that she had always had a flair for acting, especially as she remembers filming a commercial parody at age 9 year old with his good friend Whitney.

Her love for acting and comedy dates back to her early days, when she watched shows like Saturday Night Live, Stupid and Stupid, and Tommy Boy with her siblings. Then, at 19, she auditioned for Divine Comedy, a BYU comedy group.

She had started out as a videographer with the group but later auditioned as a plus size dance instructor performing a routine. She worked so hard to look great in the chunky costume her mom helped design for the role and ended up eating Oreos to gain weight. She grew up with the band and was with them when they finally changed their name and became known as Studio C. She became an important part of the band’s writing staff.

Two of his most acclaimed comedic works by the band are Facebook Friends Song and Everything Sounds Nicer When You Sing; for which she said she was inspired by pop dance music.

Still growing with the band, she directed The Hungry Games parody as part of the “Pretty Darn Funny” series.

Mallory Everton who plays guitar and has exceptional dancing skills made her film debut in 2017 in the comedy film We Love You, Sally Carmichael. Queen Frostine, Captain Irony, Lady Shadow, Katniss Everdeen, Jaune, Minerva McGonagall, Worst Kindergarten Teacher, The Princess, The Peasant Girl from the Welcome Mat, and Thor.

His comedy Studio C has over 1.5 million subscribers and around 55 million views on YouTube. She alone has around 15,000 Facebook fans. Mallory Everton has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Is Mallory Everton married, who is her husband or boyfriend?

Mallory leads a rather private life and is not one to share details about her relationships and affairs. As far as we know, however, she is not married, although there are rumors about her relationship with Matt Reese, a former Studio C actor.

Some of her colleagues have commented on her very close relationship with Matt, and since he’s a former Studio C crew member, we’re tempted to believe the two are an item. In an interview, Mallory once said that the funniest scene she ever had with the team was when she was supposed to carry Matt offstage, but she rolled her ankles over her heels and fell. next to him.

We are keeping our fingers crossed, hoping the two will speak to each other soon and we will avoid all speculation.