A man in Japan has spent a big sum of money to realize his transspecies goal of becoming a collie dog. 

The case of a man in Japan who calls himself ” transspecies ” and has spent an astonishing quantity of money to adopt a dog with the most realistic appearance conceivable has gone viral. Despite not having had any procedures to alter his physical look, this subject has managed to obtain a detailed costume of a Collie breed dog.

Toko, the man, worked with the Zeppet firm, which specializes in high-production sculptures and costumes for the film industry, to create the costume of his dreams.

As a result, the costume, which cost roughly 70 million pesos, took at least 40 days to design.

And, somehow, he achieves the goals of this Japanese man who has gone viral all over the world.

Toko described why he wanted to become a dog and why he chose the Collie breed in an interview with the media outlet ‘My Navi News’ shortly after. The man said at the time:

“Four-legged animals, especially the cute ones, are my favorites. Among those, I decided that a dog would be a good choice because it is a very realistic costume, so I went with that.”

Toko posted a video on his YouTube channel showing some movements that, in a way, reveal the realism of the suit, which, while partially obstructing his movement, fulfills all of the subject’s wishes, who claims that he has always wanted to become an animal. “I made my dream come true,” the subject says in the video, which you can watch HERE!

Internet users are divided on this case, though the majority of them congratulate Toko on her transformation and desire to become an animal, especially one as adorable and loyal as dogs.

What is a transpecie person?

Experts define a transspecies as a transsexual with inclinations toward other species. Some people identify more with animals such as dogs, cats, birds, and even reptiles, to the point where they go to great lengths to resemble the animal they claim to carry inside.

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