Maria Brink is a multi-talented American composer and performer. best known as the lead singer of the metalcore band called At This Moment. Despite an unpleasant childhood, the music star defied the odds and found herself in the spotlight; thanks to his perseverance and relentless spirit. Brink started her music career since 2002 and today she has released several albums with Metalcore band.

Moreover, Brink has been notable since the inception of his career and has several awards to his name. She won Rock Goddess of the Year at the annual Loudwire Music Awards in 2013 and 2015 respectively. She was named the Sexiest Chick in Metal of 2010, as well as one of the 25 Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock & Metal by Revolver Magazine. The singer was listed by Yell Magazine in 2012 as one of heavy metal women who matter. Maria Brink is also a budding pianist and painter. Learn more about her below.

Biography of Maria Brink

The amazing rock star was born and named MariaDiane Brink in Schenectady, New York on December 17, 1977. Growing up was very difficult for Brink; her father varnished when she was still very young, leaving her alone with her drug-addicted mother. Young and naive, Maria grew up being exposed to so much that she became pregnant at the age of 14. She went through hardships, struggling to take care of her son and mother.

Seeking a better life, Maria Brink moved to Los Angeles in 2002; she drove over 2500 miles to Los Angeles. When she arrived in Los Angeles, she worked in stores and also sang in bars and cafes to earn a living. She later joined the Albany-based band known as The Pulse. After a few performances with the band, Maria moved to California where she formed the metal band called the Dying Star alongside Chris Howorth (guitarist) and Jeff Fabb (drummer).

However, they later changed the band’s name to At This Time. They released their first studio album titled Belletragedy in 2007, after which they dropped the second titled Le rêve, the following year. Their third album A Desert Desert was released in 2010, followed by Du sang which peaked at No. 15 on the Billboard Chart in 2012. Their other albums include Black Widow (2014) and Rituel (2017). The band has also performed at major music events and festivals such as Ozzfest, Download Festival, Music as a Weapon, Rock on the Range, Carnival of Madness, Rockfest and Aftershock.

Net worth: How much is Maria Brink?

The extraordinary singer has accumulated enormous wealth for herself and is currently living a lavish lifestyle. Their third album peaked at No. 40 on the Billboard 200 chart, while their fourth album Blood topped at No. 15 on the chart. Brink achieved great popularity with his band and participated in several musical tours which contributed to his wealth. That said, Maria Brink’s net worth is said to be around one million dollars.

Family – husband, son

Wondering who Maria Brink’s husband is? Sorry to shock you a bit, but Brink isn’t married yet. The incredible rock star who captured the hearts of many with his exceptional musical talent has had few relationships to date. In addition, she likes to keep the details of her relationship in view, thereby balancing her professional and personal life.

Meanwhile, Brink is in a relationship with Jonathan Miller. Just like Brink, Miller is also a heavy metal vocalist and former bassist for the California-based rock band called the Conductor Devil. He formed the band in 2002 alongside Dez Fatara who is the lead singer, guitarists – Mike Spreitzer, Jeff Kendrick and Evan Pitts, and Josh Boecklin the drummer. They released their debut album Driver Devil in 2003 and later released other albums like The Outlaws Till The End, Trust No One, and The Last Kind Words, among others. . Miller left the group in 2011.

Brink and Miller started their relationship since 2013 and they still appear together at various public events. Their relationship has lasted over four years and there is no sign of a breakup yet. Although they haven’t worked the aisles, we hope they take the audacity to seal their love with a nuptial bond.

Furthermore, Brink also has a son named DavionBrink whom she gave birth to on April 14, 1992; at the time, she was fifteen. Davion was raised by her single mother, there is no information regarding her father. Despite his difficult childhood years, Brink worked tirelessly to give his son the best life he could imagine.

Other interesting facts about Maria Brink

1. Maria Brink was born and raised in New York, United States of America

2. She began her music career when she joined the Albany-based band known as The Pulse in 2004.

3. Brink gave birth to her son Davion Brink when she was fifteen in 1992.

4. She formed the metalcore band called At This Moment in 2005

5. Brink has a net worth of $1 million.

6. She is currently in a relationship with Jonathan Miller