Mariah Brown is a reality TV star who was celebrated for her parents and the role they played on the TLC television show. Female Sisters. She grew up in a polygamous family which, considering the marital culture of the United States of America where she hails from, is an anomaly. The type of life she lived was constantly thwarted because of her family’s Mormon values. Keep reading to learn more about the star’s life, how she managed to navigate the tenets of the Mormon faith, and her time on the show.

Mariah Brown – Biography,

On July 29, 1995, Mariah Lian Brownwas born to Kody Brown and his first wife, Meri Brown. She is the only daughter of Meri and Kody, and one of Kody’s eighteen children with his three other wives; Some of his children are adopted and Mariah is also the third child of the generation of children her father has born. Mariah was born in Utah, where she spent her entire childhood, only leaving the state when she was due to attend high school.

For her elementary education, she attended Sheila Tarr Elementary School and later moved on to Centennial High School where she graduated from high school. This school was the location of the 2000 film Pay It Forward. After her time at Centennial, she returned to Utah in 2013 and continued her studies at Westminster College where she graduated in 2017. It is not known which degree she graduated from.

By the time Mariah Brown was in high school, her family was slowly gaining popularity. The first season of the reality show, Female Sisters aired between September and November 2010. At the start of the show, her father was trying to marry his fourth wife, Robyn Alice. Mariah’s parents are no longer married, they divorced four years after the start of the show.

The marriage between Mariah’s parents is described as a spiritual union; description identical to Kody’s marriage to his second and third wives, Janelle and Christine. Of the four wives, the only one Kody Brown is legally married to is his last wife, Robyn Alice, whom he legally married so that he could adopt his children, she had his children from her previous marriage which was monogamous. a.

In the United States of America, polygamy is illegal but in Utah, the practice of polygamy is still flourishing, especially since the state has always legalized the matrimonial practice from 1847 to 1857, the year of its abolition.


In 2017, Mariah Brown came out to her family as gay. Her family, who were also religious, were very accepting of her and had no judgment or criticism of her sexual orientation. When she spoke to them, she said she had been very secretive about her sexuality and had reservations about the family’s reaction to her announcement. Her decision to make this announcement on television also allowed her to inform the public and her fans about her sexuality.

It would also appear that the immediate issues of his family’s acceptance reaction to his announcement was not how they really felt about the situation, especially his mother, who was later revealed to be sad about the situation. her daughter’s sexuality. Meri Brown hoped her daughter would have a heterosexual relationship and have a son she could call her own son, since she only had Mariah.

Mariah Brown is currently engaged to Audrey Kiss. They met while at Westminster College and had been romantically involved for two years before their engagement. Brown proposed to Kriss during the Women’s March in Washington DC on January 16, 2019.

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Facts About Kody Brown’s Daughter

• Mariah Brown is attending Loyola University to pursue a Masters in Social Work and Social Justice.

• This woman, who spent much of her adolescence in the limelight, is very committed to intersectionality and inclusivity.

• She runs a fitness and wellness blog.

• As a lesbian, Brown is pro-LGBTQ.

• Mariah Brown once envisioned the kind of relationship she saw in her parents’ childhood, but that all changed when she joined college.