Apparently, the popular saying that says “your face is your fortune” is aimed at the handsome ladies and handsome guys in the entertainment industry who have reached great heights in their careers, thanks to their striking looks. But it looks like Marty Feldman has belied the meaning of that phrase: He rose to fame on the wings of his unconventional face that sports a badly damaged nose from a boxing accident and a pair of protruding eyeballs from thyroid disease. hyperactive he had in his formative years.

During his life, Marty Feldman achieved great successmilestones of comedy, one of the true pioneers of the art. He embraced many genres of comedy, from comedy film to sitcom, surrealism and satire. It even revived the wonderful days of silent comedy. In addition to comics, he acted in a few films, among which we count: Le salon du lit (1969) and Jeune Frankenstein (1973). Among his comedy series, Finally, the 1948 show and Martyapart from the rest. He was also an accomplished musician. He recorded several records during his lifetime. Before his last salute, Marty Feldman won several awards and accolades for his entertainment efforts.


The hilarious comedian who was famous for poking Martin Alan Feldman was born in London, UK on July 8, 1934, into the world of pleasures that reigns between him and the man-maker.

His formative years were spent in London’s East End – an area that housed the dregs of London. The young Feldman left school at 15 with the hope of earning a living as a jazz trumpet player, but he didn’t really succeed in this field. His appearances in several shows earned him the title of “worst trumpeter in the world”. By the age of 20, he had made a conscious decision to become a comedian.

Although he ended up rich and famous, Marty Feldman’s early years were filled with health problems and health issues. His eyeballs began to protrude and were misaligned as a result of childhood thyroid disease. He later developed Graves’ ophthalmopathy. In addition to his clinical condition, a car accident, childhood injury, boating accident as well as the effects of reconstructive optical surgery he had to undergo as a child can still be blamed for his appearance.

Wife, siblings

Although he was never a faithful type, he maintained a marriage until his death. On September 19, 1935, he tied the nuptials to Lauretta Sullivan, who later died in Studio City at the age of 74. According to a few biographies written by some of his acolytes, women found Feldman extremely attractive, despite his unusual facial appearance.

For his part, the late comedian was never a principled man when it came to sex, with shreds of evidence pointing to his repeated infidelity to his wife during their 23 years of marriage. Marty Feldman claimed he fell in love 500 times, due to his success which he claimed went straight to his crotch.

He was raised alongside a younger sister, Pamela, who currently resides in the Tereken district of the Belgian town of Sint-Niklaas. Pamela no longer uses their last name, Feldman.

the size

Marty Feldman’s height just before his disappearance was 5ft 8in and weighed 76kg. Information about the details of his other body measurements are not known.

Marty Feldman net worth

A trusted source listed his wealth at $5 million which came mostly from his acting and other endeavors before his death. Although his stint in movies and music contributed to his overall wealth, most of that came from acting, which is what he is most remembered for today.

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His death

His disappearance occurred on December 2, 1982. He was in Mexico City the day filming wrapped. Yellowbeard, a scene where he was supposed to die as the script demanded, but he made it a double death by dying in real life. His death was due to cardiac arrest due to food poisoning, in addition to numerous factors that are believed to have contributed to his death. His friend Michael Mileham – a filmmaker who discovered his illness had survived the same fate in the past.

It was revealed that Feldman was a heavy smoker able to consume at least half a carton of cigarettes a day. He also consumed coffee in excess, and his daily diet was usually steeped in dairy products and eggs. Marty Feldman died at the age of 48 and was buried in Forest Lawn – Hollywood Hills Cemetery, very close to his idol, Buster Keaton. The cemetery is located in the History Garden.