Spending time in the cold desert Alaska’s mountain range is rarely a thought that crosses many people’s minds. It’s cold in the cold, but that doesn’t mean no one ever goes there. In fact, two men earn part of their living by starring in a TV series called Mountain Men which is mostly shot in location. Marty Meierotto is one of those men whose biography you will read here.

Marty on the show is a fur trapper who uses trap probes to catch animals for their furs. When he’s not, he often spends his time saving others from the cold. In the summer, he works as a jumper for the Alaska Fire Department, which somehow saves lives. There is still a lot to learn about him, starting with his background.

Marty Meierotto – Biography (Age)

Marty Meierotto was born many years ago in Northern Wisconsin. His father was a trapper who learned well to teach him how to trap animals. When Marty was just 7 years old, his father took him to far northern Wisconsin where he saw his traps, learned animal control and all things trapping. From this, Meierotto’s interest in trapping began to grow, and as he grew older he decided to take up trapping animals for their fur. Since then he has not looked back.

He first got busy with his trapping business in Wisconsin after graduating from high school, but because there were many trappers in Wisconsin and a limited wildlife preserve to capture, Marty Meierotto didn’t experience much success. as a fur trapper. He therefore decided to settle 100 km south of the Arctic Circle with all his savings and personal belongings alongside his brother, Jeff Meierotto, in 1985.

Upon arriving in Alaska, Marty first worked as a janitor in Fairbanks and at other times ended up making ends meet working as a lumberjack and in construction. By doing this, he was able to raise enough money to buy the tools needed to make his fur traps and to buy his first tent. At first Marty could only trap animals on his free days, but over time he grew more and more enthusiastic about fur trapping until he decided to devote himself to trapping full time. animals for their fur.

In doing so, Marty Meierotto became relatively famous and the producers of the American History channel reality series, called Mountain Men came to ask him to appear on their television series. He accepted and has since become much more famous. Marty appears alongside Eustace Conway, Charlie Tucker, Tom Oar, Morgan Beasley, Rich Lewis, Charlie Tucker and Kyle Bell.

On the show, the fur trapper has his home in TwoRivers, which is a small Alaskan town in the North Star neighborhood of Fairbanks, Alaska, along with his wife and daughter. Once a month, he takes his two-seat single-engine monoplane (Piper PA-18 Super Cub) to the Draanjik River in northern Alaska, where he has his cabin. There, Meierotto uses a snowmobile to tend to his animal traps and collect furs.

He normally does this from November to March each year and when he’s not collecting fur, he helps protect the other performers in the show from the risk of frostbite. From April to October, he then worked as a firefighter for the Alaska Fire Department. This job would have paid Marty Meierotto very well.


The trapper is married to a woman named Dominique. The couple have a daughter they named Noah and they all live in Two Rivers, Alaska when Marty isn’t catching animals in the icy mountains of Alaska. A while ago, he started building a new log cabin big enough to hold more supplies and accommodate family visits.

Net value

Marty Meierotto is one of those who derive much more satisfaction from doing what they love to do than the monetary benefits that come with it. He’s not the richest reality TV star with a net worth between $150,000 and $250,000, but he seems to have a lot more joy doing what he loves to do more than his finances can tell him.

Other Facts About Marty Meierotto

The Mountain Men star was born to Thomas T. Meierotto (father) and Karen Meierotto (mother). His siblings are two brothers, Jeff and Steve Meierotto.

  • Ethnicity and nationality

Marty Meierotto was born in America to American parents of white ethnicity. He is therefore American by nationality and his ethnicity is white American.

He started his career at 25 and had just a few dollars in his pocket. Over the years, Meierotto has grown through his career and is often called the ultimate survivor and toughest Alaskan trapper.