It’s really hard for someone who listens to The 1975 to believe that the band didn’t release their debut album until 2013. With songs like The Thieves, Settle Down, and Someone Else Released in 2016, we can easily believe that the group has been there forever. It is thanks to the talent of its members, like Matty Healy, who is the leader.

Although the music was good, it was excellent, Healy struggled with drugs that put the band’s survival in jeopardy. However, he decided to seek help, spending seven weeks in rehab, which helped him get off drugs and change the fate of the band. With plenty going on in his personal life and career, here’s everything to know about The 1975 man.

Matty Healy Bio (Age)

It’s like Matthew Timothy Healy that the English singer and lead singer of the Manchester-based indie rock band was born in London, England on April 8, 1989. He was born into a creative family, his mother being Jacqueline Denise Welch, the actress English, and television presenter while her father Tim Healy, an English actor.

He was raised alongside his brother Louis Healy by his parents who were together until 2012 when they divorced.

There’s no denying how much the English musician has achieved so far with his band. Even though his life has been a struggle with issues such as drug addiction, he has no reason to struggle financially because of the success of his music. That said, Matty Healy has an estimated net worth of $15 million. It was from his music that he made the most of his fortune.

Parents and siblings

As noted, Matty Healy was born into a very creative family with both of his parents as actors. After her parents divorced in 2012, her mother married a man (Lincoln Townley) under the age of 14 in 2013. Townley is an English artist and author.

Even though his mother was married before meeting his father, Matty only has one brother, Louis Healy, who was born in 2001. Just like his parents, Louis is also a famous actor for Sometimes Always Never (2018) and the television series Doctors (2010 to 2015).

Matty has developed a taste for music since the age of 4. He spent most of his teenage and teenage years in Newcastle and Cheshire and was educated at Wilmslow High School. There he met fellow band members Ross MacDonald and George Daniel. they started playing covers for punk-rock and pop music before they started writing their songs.

Matty didn’t do very well in school and saw schooling as a hindrance to his music. His mother insisted that he attend a music school, which he attended but did not last for three months. He and his band members started playing in local pubs while he was working in a Chinese restaurant.

The 1975 released his first EP named Hidden Face in 2012 and one of the songs, The City became a hit. Matty said the album’s success came as a shock, as they did all the songs for fun. The EP’s reaction encouraged them to take music more seriously. In 2013, the group released their debut album, Le 1975 followed by I like when you sleep, because you are so beautiful and yet so oblivious (2016), and A brief investigation into online relationships (2018). Their next album, Notes on a Conditional Form is set to be released in the second quarter of 2019.

Matty Healy girlfriend, is he gay?

Growing up, Healy came into contact with many gay men and he recognized their freedom of expression, which earned him a lifelong admiration for them. However, he is only attracted to women. He stated that while he could also be attracted to men, it was definitely not in a carnal sense.

He dated model Gemma Jones for a while until 2015 and was rumored to be dating Taylor Swift, but they both came to say they were just friends.

The current singer’s girlfriend is GabriellaBrooks, who is more popular than Gabby. She is an Australian model who has made a name for herself in the British fashion scene in recent years. Although it’s unclear how long they’ve been together, they shared each other’s images on social media as early as 2015.

Height and width

Not necessarily the tallest man you’ll find, Matty still stands a good 5ft 9in tall while his weight is 65kg (143lbs). Her natural hair color is black while her eye color is light brown.