On the surface, Max Beaumont might just pass for another millennial wasting his time on the internet. However, it is by no means idle in cyberspace. Max is an entrepreneur, social media influencer, content creator, and website and web application builder. He’s come a long way since he started his career as a 10-year-old boy. By the age of 20, he had already created and sold various websites and apps for thousands of dollars.

Biography of Max Beaumont

It was February 8, 1997 that Max Beaumont was born in Connecticut in the family of Perry Beaumont. Growing up, he suffered from AHAD, which made it very difficult for him to study when he was sent to Green Farms Academy in Westport, Connecticut. For this reason, he obtained a low cumulative average.

When he was only 10 years old, he developed an interest in He used his birthday money to create his website. At the time, he had no idea of ​​coding, something he had to learn on his own. He created the TubeFreeNow.com website, a video sharing platform. At one point, the site was averaging one hundred thousand hits per month before it finally sold out in 2007 for $2,000.

The next thing he founded was SnapBidder, an auction site. Soon after, at the age of 12, he transitioned from building websites to building apps. The first app he created was Candy Beat, which he would come to sell in 2009 for an additional $2,000.

Even after becoming an entrepreneur, he decided to start his studies in order to learn what he could and not necessarily to obtain the certificate. Also, he wanted to have the social experience that comes with college. It was for this reason that he moved to New York to attend college.

He also has a YouTube channel which has almost a hundred thousand subscribers and has amassed nearly a million views. He started the channel in 2013. The channel produces different videos covering different things ranging from motivation to entrepreneurship and more.

Max Beaumont was part of the YouTub ‘Team 10’ group, but decided to leave the group in 2017 following a controversy between Ricky “FaZe” Banks and Megan Zelly, who were also members of the group. He left the band after deciding to take sides with Banks.

His family

As for Max’s family, not much of what was planned exists in the public domain. We know, however, that his father is Perry Beaumont. He also has a brother named Bertrand Beaumont.

As for his love life, the young entrepreneur has yet to start getting married although he is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Sophie Harbist.

What is his net worth?

For someone who started making money as early as Max Beaumont, given the many activities he was involved in, one would expect him to have a very good chance to show for all his efforts. . The young entrepreneur has an estimated net worth of nearly $1 million.

Achievements of Max Beaumont

In 2019, Max Beaumont launched a start-up, The XSchool, an online school he created with the aim of reforming the higher education system. He hopes that instead of the traditional university providing 20% ​​practice and 80% theory, his institution will give the opposite. Also, there would be campuses around the world and costs would be kept to a minimum by focusing on expenses that would benefit students only. As things stand, the institution is still not fully operational.

He is also a very good rider that by theWhen he was only 16 he had already won a prize in this regard. More so, by that time, he had traveled to different parts of the world where he had participated in different competitions.

Apart from all that he has achieved for himself through his hard work as an entrepreneur and developer, Max has also been involved in charitable causes over the years. He has not only promised to donate some of his income from his YouTube channel to a number of charitable causes, but he has also done charity work in Guatemala. More so, Beaumont has donated several apps through JustWorld, a charity organization.