MC Ride is a rapper and visual artist who became known as a member of the rap group, Death Grips. A rather mysterious man, he has revealed that he is very suspicious of humans and therefore keeps all information about himself very confidential without wanting anyone to know who he really is. Nevertheless, thanks to his arts which brought him out of the shadows, he is now famous. Here’s everything there is to know about him.

MC Ride – Stefan Burnett – Biography (Age)

Although it is as MC Ride that the rapper is known by his fans and the media, he was born Stefan Corbin Burnett on May 10, 1978 in Sacramento, California. It was also in Sacramento that he was raised alongside his brother, Swank Daddy, who is also interested in hip-hop.

As a private person that he is, not much is known about his childhood and early education, but it is known that due to his interest in visual arts, he later went to the Hampton University where he studied it as a course. He didn’t spend much time there before deciding to quit smoking in order to pursue his career as a rapper.

Stefan Burnett started performing under the name Mxlplx, then together with his brother and Young G, who is also a rapper from Sacramento, he formed the band Fyre. Swank Daddy would later marry and as he was unable to keep up with the band after that he was forced to disintegrate.

MC Ride partially suspends his musical career and started working in a pizzeria after the group ended. He also pursued a career as a visual artist during the same period. In 2010, he had collaborated with Zach Hill to form the band under which he would be popular, Death Grips. Andy Morin is another founding member of the group.

In 2011, the band released their first EP Exmilitaire. Then in 2012 the band released their debut album The Money Store followed by No Love Deep Web in the same year. In 2013, the group released Plaques Gouvernementales, then Les capacities que B (2015), Abîme (2016), and Année du vive (2018).

On the mainstream, Mc Ride and his band do not have a strong presence, but the band still enjoys a fanatical following. The band’s lyrics are quite extreme with themes of the occult, sex, drugs and the like.

His net worth

Stefan Burnett was very successful as a rapper for the hip hop group Death Grips. That said, his actual net worth is still unknown, although some sources put him at $750,000. He made his fortune through his career as a rapper and his work as a painter.

MC Ride’s Tattoos

One of the things that has remained a subject of fascination and speculation about the rapper are his many tattoos and their meanings. The truth is that tattoos, in general, mean more to the person who has them, and unless he reveals them himself, we can never know. As mysterious as he is, he hasn’t revealed what they mean to him, so their meaning has remained only speculation.

He has many tattoos on his chest, arms, shoulders, back and other parts of his body including part of his neck.

On his stomach, he wears a “111” tattoo which, according to a Reddit user, means 666 in Hebrew, which may have a cultic connotation. He also has a half skull tattoo on his stomach. On his chest, MC Ride has a fly tattoo which is supposed to mean Beelzebub – the lord of the flies, two pentagrams, a skull and squares. The meanings behind these are not very clear.

On his left arm, Stefan Burnett has ‘Veve of Papa Legba’, while his wrist bears the star and crescent icon, as well as the skull and tarantula.

On his right arm, he has a plus sign in a circular, inverted triangle tattoo inside a circle, a spider, and on his back; there are traces of the Goat of Mendes, the Raven and “Death”. He also has fuzzy tattoos on his palms.

The height of Stefan Burnett

A bearded and mysterious wealthy man, MC Ride is a man who has an athletic build. His height, like many other things about him, is not known. However, looking at him, we can see that he is of medium height.