Meg Zelly was hired by Jake Paul’s Team 10 in 2017 to be his assistant. You may also remember her as the center of the FaZe Banks controversy. She accused the YouTuber and founder of Faze Clan of cheating on his girlfriend, “lining” Zelly on her and consequently bruising her neck. For more on Jake’s former assistant, including her personal information, keep reading.

Biography and personal details

Megan ‘Meg’ Zelly was born in Bermuda, the British Island Territory located in the North Atlantic Ocean on April 22, 1996. Her birth sign is Taurus. She spent her early years on the island with her family, but moved to the United States in 2015 to study at the University of Miami. Zelly has an older sister known as Lizzie.

Paul created Team 10 in August 2016 as a social media media talent management company, a talent incubator for his internet empire. When he started the group, he hoped it would further his dream of becoming YouTube’s Dr. Dre. He started the group with six other creators including Alissa Violet who later became his girlfriend, Neels Visser, Alex Lange, AJ Mitchel and the Dobre twins. Although none of the original members are still part of the team, it has become one of the biggest creative collectives on YouTube and has also seen a significant turnover of on-camera talent.

The more members who left the group, the more Team 10 recruited. Some of its recent members include Anthony Trujillo, Erika Costell, Tessa Brooks, Kade Speiser, and Justin Roberts. Meg Zelly joined Team 10 in June 2017 as Jake’s assistant, the same month as Costell. Zelly became an instant celebrity with over 120,000 followers on her Instagram. Photos of her with other Team 10 members also helped boost her fame.

Speculation has grown that Team 10 may be no more after their social media died and some have left the mansion they shared. After months of inactivity, Jake’s Empire has teased a ‘new team coming soon’. He returned with a video in June 2019 titled Meet the New 10 Team. Jake and his new team continued to entertain their fans and followers.

Facts You Need To Know About Meg Zelly

Meg Zelly likes to travel

Zelly loves the outdoors and the best way to book is to travel. Apart from her birthplace, the island of Bermuda and the United States where she studied and in turn launched her career on the Internet, she has also spent time in other parts of the world such as Paris, among others.

Zelly was allegedly assaulted by Faze Banks

When American YouTuber, Ricky Banks, popularly known as FaZe Banks started dating Alissa Violet, the former flame of Jake Paul, a feud started between Paul and Banks. Things came to a head in 2017 when Banks allegedly assaulted Meg Zelly at a nightclub.

Reportedly, the former JakeBanks assistant kissed another girl who was not his girlfriend, Alissa, which was quickly followed by the assault. Apparently, he clotheslined Zelly, wrapping his arm around her neck in a chokehold and dragging her into the club. The assault left Meg with a bruise on her neck. Since then, different versions of the stories have emerged and Paul was quick to make a video of them.

Jake and other members of Team 10 including Costell testified to the incident. However, in their words, it was unclear who actually inflicted the assault on Zelly, but they claimed that something happened that night that left Zelly with a bruise. In contrast, while Banks has denied the charges, former Team 10 members such as Max Beaumont have come forward to support him. Beaumont, who left the group to find the “truth”, explained that the story was supposed to be made up and that Banks hadn’t kissed anyone or assaulted Meg Zelly.

She allegedly faked her own bruises

According to one of her Insta Stories, Meg Zellyse describes her as a straight, single, cuddly and friendly drama queen. Being a drama queen, she has been accused of exploiting her innate potential to fake her own bruise.

Fans thought the accusation was false, as Zelly faked the bruise with makeup. Even after providing evidence of her authenticity, many still doubted her.