Michael Blackson, the so-called African King of Comedy, is a Ghanaian-American comedian considered one of the most original stand-up comics in the business. The comedian, who also does acting, appeared in movies like Next Friday (2000) and Meet the Blacks (2016), has proven to be quite versatile when it comes to entertainment, and is someone to watch.

Biography (Real Name)

Michael Blackson was not known before he came to the United States at the age of 13, other than that. He was born on November 28, 1972 in Ghana. There is also no information about his birth or his real name, or even the identity of his parents.

As an African teenager in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the 80s, upon arriving Blackson found himself the butt of jokes from his classmates for being African and speaking differently. Blackson said the jokes offended him at first, but he developed thick skin that allowed him to use his accent to tell jokes to anyone willing to listen. One such person he told a joke to was an acting coach at Philadelphia Community College, who encouraged him to take acting classes to pursue a career in acting.

Michael Blackson soon began performing in a number of nightclubs and bars before embarking on well-known comedy competitions such as the Comedy Central Tour in 1992, the Schlitz Malt Liquor Comedy Tour in Valley Forge Pennsylvania that year next and the Urban Comedy Festival in New York in 1996. Soon after, Blackson began starring in ComicView’s BET series and HBO’s Def Comedy Jam.

His big break came after one of those shows that had Ice Cube in attendance. The former rapper turned actor and film producer was among the audience and attended one of Blackson’s shows in his usual African attire. This led him to offer the comedian the role of an angry African in the comedy, Next Friday (2000), and the rest became history.

Michael Blackson net worth

Even though Michael Blackson might not be among the highest paid comedian, he is still very well off with a net worth of around $2 million. The comedian, who has appeared in more than seven films to date, including Next Friday where he plays an angry African man, amassed most of his wealth not only through his film roles, but also by starring in numerous live performances at comedy clubs, universities and other special events in the United States and elsewhere.

Blackson also has a huge following on YouTube, where views can generate significant income.

Does he have a wife or a girlfriend?

Michael Blackson is not married but has however been in a long term relationship with R&B and Soul singer Georgia Reign. It’s unclear exactly when the pair first started dating, but everything about their relationship seemed to have moved like a fast train, as from when both parties started acknowledging each other on social media to when where they would have gotten engaged, not very quickly.

Blackson was reportedly planning to marry his wife before everything fell apart following allegations of infidelity from Reign who claimed to have caught him cheating on her with a fan. Things got even worse after Blackson’s full nude video online. It was first reported that Blackson was filmed cheating with another woman in a hotel room, but the comedian took to his social media to say the video was posted by an ex. angry who wanted to take it back.

Unfortunately, Georgia had none as the pair went their separate ways. Since that time, however, they have grown closer and hope to make their wedding plans a reality. Georgia Reign, originally from Atlanta, Georgia, began her career as a dancer. The first main gig was on tour with singer Bobby Valentino. After that, she joined an all-female music label, signed to a label owned by legendary R&B musician, Babyface.

During this time, Reign began writing songs for mainstream artists and was earning a considerable sum for his work. Her big break came when one of the songs she co-wrote in for Chris Brown was nominated for the Grammy Awards. Since then, she has embarked on a musical career. Some of her most popular songs are: Feel Like A Woman (2013), What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas (2016), Rain (2017) and Mark My Words (2018).


Michael Blackson reportedly has a total of three children from his previous relationships. Her first child is named Michael Jr., while her second and third sons, who are twins, are named Niko and Noah. There is no information available on the identity of their mothers.