Best known as a Buzzfeed producer and vlogger, Michelle Khare is a lifestyle enthusiast, actress, and sometimes stuntwoman. She is also a professional athlete who is not only the USA Criterium National Under-23 Cycling Champion, but also a BMW Happy Tooth professional cyclist.

Of all the descriptions available, MichelleKhare is multi-talented and practically extremist. In addition to her sports career, she is involved in various projects as a Victoria’s Secret model, makeup artist, master cook and voice artist. As a Youtube personality, Khare is most recognized for content such as the popular Challenge Accepted series , where she amazes over a million subscribers with her intense superhero workout, weight loss diets and various other activities. which also encourage viewers to discover different ways of life.

Michelle’s youtube contents are always smeared with different challenges that go beyond the bounds including training with the United States Marine Corps and many more, and for her efforts she received the Shorty Award 2017 Youtuber of the year. Here are some interesting facts to know about the multi-talented Youtube star.

Michelle Khare – Bio and Personal Profile (Age)

American youtube star Michelle Khare was born in Shreveport, Louisiana on August 10, 1992. Although Michelle’s childhood and educational background have been little revealed, she hasn’t revealed much about her experience. Since childhood, she was bullied for belonging to a mixed-race family. After high school, Michelle Khare attended Dartmouth University where she completed a degree in Digital Arts and Media Technology and graduated in 2012.

The youtube star then revealed that she was the very first member of her family to travel away from their hometown to study and it affected her in such a way that she ended up drinking and partying just to cope with her homesickness. When that wasn’t enough, she changed her path and got involved in sports activities as a professional cyclist.

After college, Michelle Khare interned at the DreamWorks Animation Team and for six years worked for the company as a brand marketing intern. In 2013, she worked with Lionsgate where she participated in the production of the film. Snitch. She also helped host a dark comedy film called Everybody Loves a Bulldog and the 2017 television series, MK Ultra. In addition to this, Khare has participated in film extras, replacing Dwayne Johnson.

Khare joined Buzzfeed in October 2014 and has been making a significant impact as the company’s producer. She was particularly famous for her work in the cycling, immigration and extreme sports segments. The company also exposed her to the world of YouTube where she now enjoys an enviable income. She started her own youtube channel, Michelle Khare. In less than two years, this channel has become famous, with subscribers to its channel exceeding 1.1 million viewers and 75 million viewers. Following the success of the channel, she launched her second channel, Helmet Head, which has a rapidly growing number of subscribers.

Khare’s successful career on youtube is also attributed to content such as Challenge Accepted, which features his various extreme training including stunts, beauty pageants, skiing and voice acting. Initially, she used them to add skills to her resume, but after hitting a million followers, she decided to focus on the business by taking more training. One of the biggest and most mentally challenging training sessions she has had so far has been with the US Marines, especially when he overcame the hurdles of the confidence course. Michelle Khare’s net worth is estimated at $2 million.


Michelle Khare hasn’t talked much about her family members, but from what we have been able to gather about her, her father is an Indian who emigrated to the United States where he met his mother, who was originally from Louisiana; the two married in 1987. Khare has a younger sister called Madeline Khare. She has dual Indian and American nationality and belongs to both Asian and Caucasian races.

Who is Khare’s boyfriend?

The youtube star hasn’t named anyone as her boyfriend but she reportedly had a relationship with fellow Buzzfeed, Kenny Moffitt. The close bond between them has helped spread speculation about their relationship further, but Khare responded to the buzz by urging his followers to only focus on his professional life.

the size

Michelle Khare is 5ft 4in but her actual weight is unknown. Her body weight including her bust, waist and hips is also not known, but looking at her photo, it is clear that she has a very attractive body that could easily land her a modeling role.