Mila Stauffer is cuteness overload. This daring little girl effortlessly exudes a sweet charm that always leaves her fans spellbound and overflowing with admiration for her. She came into the limelight alongside her family as a member of the Instagram Stauffer family. Her mother started the account, kcstauffer, long before Mila was born, but it has become incredibly popular, thanks to her kindness and talent.

Along with her twin sister, Emma, ​​Mila engages in adult conversations, amusingly using her childlike voice in many of the most popular music videos. From 150,000 followers, the account has amassed over 4 million fans and counting. Moreover, she has fans all over the world and marketers have also noticed the whippersnapper. Companies pay her mom for ads and she already hangs out with celebrities like Shawn Mendes.

Mila Stauffer Bio and Personal Details

Katie Stauffer created her Instagram account three years before she had her twins to tell the family adventures. At the time, she was working as an escrow agent in Gilbert, Arizona. Twins Emma and Mila Stauffer were born on October 3, 2014 via cesarean section.

Right after they arrived, Katie shared a photo of the cuties, captioned Welcome to the Sweet World of No Name Girls, to her account. Since then, Mila and Emma have grown up on their mom’s Gram account.

In 2017, her eldest child, Kaitlin, made a video of the twins and asked Katie to post it. The video went viral. It was followed by a second which met with the same success and that’s it. Mila and Emma became instant sensations and their internet career was born. Between the duo, however, Mila is incredibly outgoing and a natural entertainer, always wanting to participate while her twin is a bit shy and doesn’t always join in on videos. Thus, Mila is the star who has devoted followers to her with fans all over the world. She’s best known for her sassy and relatable videos where she shares opinions on everything from Santa Claus to working out.

From just over a hundred thousand followers, kcstauffer’s fans have skyrocketed to over 4 million. Mila Stauffer also has over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and a significant following on Facebook.

While Kaitlin and her father, Charley arrive with relevant topics and write catchy scripts for Mila Stauffer and her sister, film and edit the videos, Katie takes care of posting the videos and responding to fan messages. The Stauffer matriarch also manages Hollywood offers on projects for girls. She also got career advice from none other than momagers boss, matriarch and powerhouse of the Kardashian empire, Kris Jenner.

The video scripts featuring the girls with their ultra-cute toddler voices always keep fans hooked and overflowing with love and admiration for the prodigies. They satirize insults from adults for not wanting to go to the gym and talkative strangers on airplanes. During their career, the twins have appeared at events such as the Little Foot premiere, where they interviewed film stars Channing Tatum, James Corden and Danny DeVito.

How much does Mila Stauffer earn from her videos?

In September 2018, they launched their YouTube channel for kids, Mila & Emma Channel. It features videos of girls doing fun things like ice cream challenges and reviews of toys, music, games and fashion.

As her daughters’ fame grew and she became successful, Katie quit her full-time job to run her full-time social media accounts, and it paid off. They are now earning thanks to Mila Stauffer’s brand, as well as the sponsored content she sells. Mila has worked with brands such as Duracell, The Honest Company and Volvo.

The Stauffers family launched, on the wings of children’s fame, a clothing line for them, the Mila and Emma branded clothing line.

Although Katie has yet to reveal how much money the kids are making, it was more than enough to get her to quit her 12-year job as an escrow agent. Nevertheless, she mentioned that she now earns more than her husband who is a doctor. The family also received gifts ranging from rugs, sofa, table and TV from fans. By the way, Mila Stauffer’s parents have already established a trust for her and Emma.

Siblings and other family members

Mila Stauffer has four siblings one of which is her twin sister, Emma. Others include Kaitlin, who blazed a trail to fame, Charles, and Finn. Her parents are Katie and the doctor, Charley Stauffer.

Katie studied fashion design at NAU in Arizona. Recently, she put her degree to good use by collaborating with a clothing line and helping choose fabrics with Mila and Emma.