Learning to play the piano could definitely be a big challenge, however, there are people who have mastered the art and Milos Mihajlovic happens to be one of them. Milos is a proficient Serbian pianist and music teacher. He won the admiration of his many fans through his magnificent performances.

The instrumentalist has taken part in a good number of international piano competitions and recorded several prizes in his name. He is currently working as a music teacher at the Faculty of Music of the University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. Join us to browse his biography and other interesting facts below.

Milos Mihajlovic – Biography

The outstanding pianist, Milos Mihajlovic, was born on June 1, 1978, his birth took place in Niš, Serbia. Niš is popular for being the third largest and one of the oldest cities in Serbia. Information regarding his childhood, parents and family is scarce. However, we already know that he grew up in the city where he was born.

Regarding his education, the pianist is an alumnus of the Faculty of Music at the University of Art in Belgrade, Serbia. He graduated in 1999 with a major in piano. Shortly after graduating, Mihajlovic decided to continue his studies and thus obtained his postgraduate degree from the same institution in 2005.

With her piano specialty, the music icon was trained by an eminent Serbian pianist and music teacher, Nevena Popović. He also studied with renowned pianists such as Michel Dalberto and Sergei Dorensky. As a student, he also won two awards, including the Emil Hajek Award for Most Talented Young Pianist and the Olga Mihailovic Fund for Youngest Prospect Pianist. Learn more about him in these five interesting facts below.

5 interesting facts you need to know

1. Early career

Soon after graduating from the Faculty of Music, Milos Mihajlovic began his professional career. As a talented pianist, he has performed extensively in different events and competitions. Surprisingly, he performs both as a soloist and a recitalist. He has performed in major concert halls in Serbia, including the Great Hall of the IIija M. Kolarac Foundation in Belgrade and the Gallery of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. On the international scene, Mihajlovic has traveled many countries and performed in several countries, including Poland, Greece, Australia, Italy and Spain.

In addition, the talented pianist has also collaborated with prominent musicians, including Biljana Radovanović, Yuri Bashmet, Mladen Jagušt, Angel Šurev, Darinka Matić Marović, Uroš Lajovic and Anatolij Novicki.

2. Awards and Recognition

Since the start of his career as a pianist, Milos Mihajlovic has won a series of awards, both in local and international competitions. In 2009, he received three awards, including first prize at the International Piano Competition held in the Southern Highlands, Sydney, Australia. It also won the prize for the best interpretation of Chopin’s composition in 1999 at the Grand Konzerteum, Greece. Previously, he won first prize at the 1997 Peter Konjovic International Competition in Belgrade, Serbia. Furthermore, he was also awarded first prize in the 1996 Frederyk Chopin Young Pianists Competition held in Rome, Italy, among many others.

3. Teaching career

After graduating from the Faculty of Music, University of Arts in Belgrade, the music icon decided to give back to society by becoming a music teacher. In 2001, he was appointed Assistant Professor of Music in the Faculty of Music, Piano Division. He held this position until 2005. After his impressive performance, he was promoted to the position of Docent, academic title between assistant professor and full professor in 2005. Since 2014, he has been working as an associate professor in this institution. Apart from the university, Milos Mihajlovic has also lectured at the Academy of Arts in the city of Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

4. Personal life – does he have a wife?

While Milos Mihajlovic has continued to dominate the limelight with his outstanding performances both as a soloist with orchestras and as a recitalist, many of his fans have been eager to find out whether the music teacher is married or not, but they are left with little or nothing. no answers. However, Mihajlovic has been tight-lipped on matters relating to his personal life, which makes it difficult to find any information about it. Although the pianist may be a married man, he chose to keep this information under the radar. He is currently dedicated to carving out a place for himself in the music industry.

5. Net worth

Undoubtedly, Milos Mihajlovic has made a lot of impact in the music world and his work speaks for itself. Thanks to his performances in local and international concerts, the pianist has enriched himself enormously. He is currently living a decent lifestyle and his net worth is estimated at millions of dollars; nevertheless, the exact figures of his net worth are not known at the time of writing.