K-Pop is not exactly a new genre of music, its popularity has grown globally, influenced by its influence on Western culture. It’s a genre that continues to enjoy support from Western listeners, increasing the fanbase of K-Pop musicians and artists. Min Kyung Hoon is one such top performer. The South Korean singer has two albums to his credit, Impressive and Picnic. Both albums were well received.

Biography of Min Kyung Hoon (Age)

Min Kyung Hoon didn’t always know he wanted to be a singer. He started his life just wanting to be an artist and enjoy the privileges of a celebrity lifestyle. Min was born on October 6, 1984. He discovered his musical talents in high school and developed an interest in the art form. The lead singer of Buzz, a South Korean rock band,

He continued to explore his musical abilities and After a few years in high school, he was encouraged to audition for an entertainment-oriented company. The advice came from her popularity among students with her strong voice and visuals.

Like someone who was just throwing ideas at a wall, waiting for what might stick, Min Kyung-hoon attended an audition with AYON Entertainment. The AYON judges liked his performance and he was then offered a contract. AYON Entertainment created a group around Min Kyung Hoon and called it Buzz.

Her contract with AYON and an urge to pursue music as a career choice meant that Min Kyung Hoon would drop out of school to become a full-time singer. He left in 2002 after signing the contract with AYON.

Buzz took place from 2003 to 2007 and debuted with a single titled Morning of Buzz on October 11, 2003. Although their debut album was moderately successful, it was their second album with titles such as Coward, Thorn and travel. to me who brought the group to great success. As expected in South Korea, the group released three albums before being forced to break up for compulsory military service. Min, whose age has not reached the mandatory service point, continues to record music.

Her solo career started with a single, Love is MyHeart, Part 2. Due to her melodious voice and reception among Korean music fans, Min released an album titled Impressive. Although it found some commercial success, it achieved nothing close to the exploits of the group’s projects.

He tried another solo chance but faced the same reception as his debut album. Min Kyung Hoon, victim of the perceived failure of his solo career, fell into depression and gained weight. With the help of a friend, he was able to overcome his depression and return to the studio. His first music, after his depression influenced his hiatus, I love you, which was part of an EP Reunion announced in 2010, became one of the most popular songs in K-pop solo song.

Unfortunately, Min Kyung Hoon couldn’t capitalize on his single’s popularity and through a series of controversies, he lost his dedicated fan base, and his second album, Picnic, undersold his debut album.

In 2012, like everyone before him, Kyung Hoon joined the military for compulsory service. He was in the army for 21 months. It was like redemption for him, he started performing in the military band to the admiration of military officers and Buzz fans.

In 2014, after the completion of his military service, he returned to join Buzz who had regrouped. Min’s collaborations since 2015 have helped him reclaim his place in popular culture. Apart from music, Min Kyung Hoon is also a TV star. He becomes an important part of the variety show The Problems of the Room on the Roof.

wife and family

Kyung Hoon is not married. The South Korean star is rumored to have had relationships with different women over the course of his career, but Min Kyung Hoon is currently single. The musician is not publicly related and every indication designates him as an isolated man.

As for his family, he didn’t have his own, but he grew up in a family with two siblings.

Height and other body characteristics

The singer, who was once considered South Korea’s most handsome man, is 178cm tall and weighs 65kg.