MiniFootball, one of the most recent cryptocurrencies to enter the market, has over 50,000 holders in its first 12 days. MiniFootball brings together football fans and cryptocurrency to break down borders and develop worldwide communities. MiniFootball has garnered more than just fan support, with players from Chelsea F.C. and Real Madrid pledging their support on MiniFootball’s Instagram and Twitter pages.


In addition to their primary Telegram group, there are additional Telegram groups that represent the Minifootball Community in various countries including Turkey, France, China, Italy and more.

MiniFootball was listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko on the first day,  market cap of $70 million and a trending position on major crypto platforms During the first 12 days.

“We grew so quickly, and it’s incredible to see the community we’ve already built,” said Andy McKenzie, MiniFootball’s CEO and Lead Developer. “,

MiniFootball also offers regular prizes for the community, They make their giveaway announcements on Twitter. The most recent is a giveaway of signed football jerseys, including one from Ronaldinho Gacho, which came with his Soccer Legend Card.

Furthermore, 8% of each MiniFootball transaction is put into a Prize Fund Wallet, which is utilized to reward users weekly via live cash prize drawings on Telegram.

Soccer stars Ivan Rakitic and Thiago Silva have joined the Minifootball Telegram voice chat and supported the community, MiniFootball has amassed a Telegram following of over 50,000 people, with whom they keep in touch via talks with football professionals and other members of the community.

Visit MiniFootball’s Twitter page to stay up to date on the newest MiniFootball news and giveaways. Visit for more information on MiniFootball.

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