Miss Fame is the stage name of KurtisDam-Mikkelsen, an American model, drag queen, recording artist and makeup artist. The superstar is also popular for his appearance in season seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race reality television series . After appearing on the show as a contestant, Dam-Mikkelsen launched her music career by releasing her debut single titled “Rubber Doll” in April 2015, debut album “Beauty Marked,” followed two months later on June 9. 2015.

In January 2018, the celeb announced that she would be signing up to Wilhelmina Models – the news didn’t trigger much change for her, it’s more of a phase in her modeling career and rather than a model with Dam-Mikkelsen’s name, the former musician and reality TV contestant chose to go by the name of Miss Fame. Dam-Mikkelsen announced on Instagram in February 2018 that she would no longer be touring or performing live.

Here’s everything you need to know about the model; his biography, his beginnings as a boy, husband and other facts.

Miss Fame Bio

Miss Fame was born on March 30, 1985, in San Luis Obispo, California, as Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen. She had a very humble background, having been raised on a farm by her grandparents. She is one of six children born to her parents, but the names of her parents and siblings are not known.

Kurtis attended Templeton High School where she graduated in 2003. After high school, she attended beauty school after which she worked in a salon before moving to Sacramento in 2008 and worked as a male editorial model. She never thought of becoming a model until she agreed to pose in a friend’s portrait series. In 2011, she moved to New York after fashion photographer Mike Ruiz advised her to do so.

In New York, Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen started working as a make-up artist and doing small modeling jobs at the same time. As a makeup artist, she worked on top celebrities and models like Wendy Williams, Ève Salvail, Martha Wash, Michael Urie, JWoww, Snooki and Marc Jacobs, who introduced her as her niece to Naomi Campbell and Lil ‘Kim., who wanted Fame to wear makeup.

She said she originally wanted to be an established male model, but when it became apparent that agents and agencies weren’t so interested in a thin, tattooed guy with a mohawk wearing black most of the time, she decided to make a mark for herself a drag character: Miss Fame.

Dam-Mikkelsen quickly caught the eye of English photographer Mary McCartney who featured him in her book “Devoted”. She was also featured in a series of photos from the Leland Bobbé – Half-Drag series, which attracted international attention. Miss Fame will soon be featured on Vogue Italia and on for Gorgeous, alongside Tammie Brown, Candis Cayne and Armen Ra.

In 2014, Miss Fame entered for season seven of the reality competition television series RuPaul’s Drag Race and became the first drag queen to appear on the show. She was kicked out in the 9th episode and came out 7th overall. Following her elimination from the show, Dam-Mikkelsen launched her music career by releasing her debut single titled Rubber Doll in April 2015, two months later she released her debut album Marked Beauty, which featured two of her bandmates Race from dragsters contestants Violet Chachk and Alaska Thunderfuck.

She signed with IMG Paris models in 2016. In 2017, Miss Fame contributed to the compilation album Christmas Queens 3.

His childhood in his childhood

Miss Fame grew up on a chicken farm with her Mexican grandmother and Danish grandfather. Growing up with her grandparents, Dam-Mikkelsen says anything that showed a burst of flamboyance was discouraged.

She currently identifies gender as fluid but that hasn’t always been the case as she has struggled to come to terms with her identity. With a limited queer community around her, it wasn’t until she was older that she was able to truly grasp her identity, which she says completely resurrected her soul when she discovered that he could actually push the limits of her body, and at the same time, push the limits of how she presents herself as she has the soul and spirit of a woman and at the same time be the man who sits on the sofa with her husband.

To top it off, Fame says her family accepts her for who she is, even though they didn’t know how to handle what she was at first.

Who is her husband?

Miss Fame has been married to Patrick Berschy since 2013. The couple recently moved to a new home in Brooklyn, along with their two dachshund pet dogs – Mina and Shaya. According to Dam-Mikkelsen, they wanted a home with more floor space and more nearby parks for Mina and Shaya, as well as a somewhat quieter environment.

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Other Model Facts

  • Fame is the mastermind behind the web series: Painted by Fame. On the show, she does makeup for other drag queens. She also runs her own YouTube channel where she gives beauty tutorials.
  • Dam-Mikkelsen has a chicken tattoo on his arm.
  • Miss Fame has also featured in several other publications like V Magazine, ELLE, LOVE, Vogue Germany and Tush.
  • The model has provided beauty and makeup tips on the CosmopolitanCBSMashableThe Huffington PostPIX 11 and more.