Monami Frost is a Latvian model and entrepreneur who rose to prominence through her distinctive appearance with an all tattooed look. Beyond that, Monami is also an Instagram and YouTube star who has garnered a massive following by fighting stereotypes and other body-shaming issues faced by other tattoo lovers. In addition to her online career, she also owns a clothing line as well as a restaurant offering vegan burgers in Liverpool. Additionally, Frost is the author of a cookbook featuring vegan and gluten-free recipes. Join us to explore his biography, career, and other interesting facts below.

Monami Frost – Bio (Age)

The stunning model was born on the 5th day of January 1994 and her birth took place in Latvia, a country located on the Baltic Sea between Estonia and Lithuania. Although she is known as Monami Frost, it is imperative to note that it was as Irna that she was born. Her name “Monami Frost” was inspired by the song Mark Frost (MonAmi) by a Lativa-based music group called Solaris.

Although there is a dearth of information regarding his early childhood, parents and family, it is already known that Frost spent his early years in his country, Latvia. From an early age, she tended to modify her body, at the age of 10. So she underwent her first enhancement surgery when she was 11 years old. From that moment she began to be interested in tattoos. At the time, heavy tattoos were not too accepted in Europe. By the time she became a teenager, her whole body had been pierced and inked.


The internet model began her YouTube career in December 2012, when she launched her self-titled YouTube channel. On her channel, she uploads makeup videos, vegan recipes and other interesting content. She also shares tattoo tips and other Q&A videos on her channel. His channel caught the public eye soon after. She has also moved to Instagram where she has gained great popularity through promoting vegan diets and tackling body shame issues.

So far, she has amassed over 700,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel alone and over 1.6 million on Instagram. In 2017, Monami Frost attended the Liverpool Tattoo convention where she was interviewed.

In addition to her social media career, Frost is also a businesswoman and she founded a fashion line called Frost Streetwear. She also collaborated with the UK’s number 1 vegan, TheVeganKind, to create a subscription box for vegans in 2018. In early 2019, the tattoo model announced that she was going to open a burger shop vegan in Liverpool, Frost Burgers. She wrote a vegan cookbook called The 100 Quick and Easy Plant-Based Recipes.

husband and family

Although the multi-faceted Instagram model has been incredibly successful in her career, she is also successful in her love life. She is married to a man named Anrijs Straume. Anrijs is a Latvian born tattoo artist currently based in Liverpool, UK. He reportedly spent several years in Latvia before moving to the UK to pursue his career as a tattoo artist. Over many years of practice, Anrijs became a professional tattoo artist and he is the founder of Bold As Brass Tattoo Co. located in Liverpool. His art style is based on the realism of dark garbage.

The duo started their relationship a few years ago, however, there are not many details regarding their relationship. They have been together ever since and in 2018 Monami Frost announced that she and Anrijs were expecting their second child. But before that, Frost already had a daughter named Gabriella aka Gabby when she was 15. The amazing couple have gone on to enjoy a thriving married life and there are no signs of a divorce between them.

Other Interesting Vlogger Facts

Net value

Monami Frost has gained huge fame through her various models as an Instagram model as well as an entrepreneur and YouTuber. She has earned a lot from her affairs and her net worth currently stands in the millions. Unfortunately, the exact figures of his net worth cannot be determined at this time as they are still under review.

the size

The Lativa model is very tall and has a wonderful personality. Like other models, she maintains her slender figure through diets and exercises. Interestingly, she is vegan and she also promotes vegan diets and a healthy lifestyle. On top of that, she has alluring body measurements; Although the details of his body measurements are not known as of now. Along with her long black hair, the model has a pair of blue eyes. Her other distinctive features include tattoos all over her body.