It is a widely held belief that people who seek success in life will never limit themselves to just one format and once success is tasted, you will want more. Monica Crowley, American political commentator, author and radio personality, is the typical example of a woman who drank from success and is always hungry for more. She has recorded resounding success in all facets of her craft, despite all the negativity from people who would like to see her ambition crippled.

the biography

Monica Crowley was born on the 19th day of September 1968 at Fort Huachuca Army Base, located outside of Sierra Vista, Arizona and raised in Warren Township, New Jersey, United States of America. Monica’s nationality is American while her ethnicity is White. The famous broadcaster has a sister called Jocelyn Crowley.

From an early age, Monica always had an interest in politics which led her to take political science as her first degree from Colgate University. After graduating from Colgate University, she went to Columbia University where she earned an MA and Ph.D. in International Relations in 2000.

When Monica was in college, she was already writing official letters to President Richard Nixon. She had the opportunity to work with Nixon on his last two books as an editorial consultant and assistant consultant. She has worked as a columnist for the Baltimore Sun, the Los Angeles Times, the New Yorker, and the Washington Times, and she has also developed her own show. The Monica Crowley Show. She worked for National Public Radio in their Morning Edition as a radio jockey and radio commentator in the mid 1990s. Monica has collaborated with other world famous channels such as MSNBC and Fox News Channel. She also worked as a guest host on The O’Reilly Factor.and was very active in the 2016 election that brought Donald Trump to power.

Plagiarism issues

Monica has been accused of plagiarism on several occasions. In 1999, it was brought to light that a column written by the reporter/host for the Wall Street Journal on Richard Nixon bore remarkable similarities to a play written by Paul Johnson eleven years ago. When The New York Times asked Monica for advice, she replied that she does not and never will use material from another author’s work and will not cite it.

On January 7, 2017, she was accused of plagiarism again but this time by CNN. The broadcaster released a report on his 2012 book, What the (Bleep) Happened?, documenting numerous instances of plagiarism. The disputed book was x-rayed and found to contain over 50 instances of replication from previously published sources without giving attribution. Copying of published works included material from Wikipedia. Monica was backed by Donald Trump’s transition team, who dismissed the plagiarism report as a politically motivated attack.

On January 9, 2017, just two days later, Monica’s thesis on international relations, which she earned at Columbia University in 2000, was brought to the attention of Politico, who said the cases of plagiarism abound in this thesis. A day later, the publisher of What the (Bleep) Happened? stating that the book will no longer be for sale since it has reached the end of its natural sales cycle and also giving the author an opportunity to procure and review the material.

Monica withdrew from the race for the position of Senior Director of Strategic Communications at the Trump Administration’s National Security Council on January 16, 2017. According to her, she decided to give up her position so that she could pursue other opportunities in New York. That same day, The Washington Times, where she worked as an online opinion writer, announced that all of Monica’s work with them would be appropriately investigated for possible plagiarism.

Monica bared her soul to Fox News host SeanHannity when she told him all the charges against her were baseless and just a despicable political dodgy job which she says has been debunked . Andrew Kaczynski, the first CNN reporter to publicly report her plagiarism case, countered Monica’s innocence. Andrew described Monica’s statement of innocence as false, stating that, to date, no one has called for a rebuttal of their reporting or pointed out a single error.

Family – husband, sister

The veteran journalist/writer is still visible She is single despite being in a long-term relationship with boyfriend Bill Siegel. Bill Siegel, who is a venture capitalist, and Monica have yet to decide whether or not to tie the nuptial knot. The acclaimed writer is the kind of woman who loves her job and believes that her work deserves nothing less than her complete dedication, which has helped her reach the pinnacle of her career. Monica is still at work and doesn’t have much time to nurture a relationship, which would explain her single status.

Monica is a sister of Dr. Jocelyn Crowley. Jocelyn works as a professor at Rutgers University and was married to Alan Colmes, the last liberal political commentator.

Monica Crowley’s net worth

Monica Crowley has been earning money since her college days. Her net worth began to rise when she began writing for former United States President Richard Nixon and then securing permanent employment for him in his last two books as an editorial advisor and consultant. As a writer, Monica earned handsome salaries with the communication outfits she worked with and also with her personal show called The Monica Crowley Show. All of his savings from his previous jobs have earned him an admirable net worth of $4 million, especially thanks to his annual salary of $170,000.