Nas, also known as Nasty Nas and Nas Escobar, is one of the most acclaimed musical artists of the 21st century, having released more than seven consecutive platinum and multi-platinum albums.

The hip-hop entertainer began his musical career as the featured artist for the New York-based American hip-hop group, Live Source’s viral hit “Live at the Barbeque,” ​​in 1991. Nas would later release his first film titled “Illmatic” in 1994, receiving praise from fans and fans alike. reviews.

A true pioneer of rap music, especially in New York, the legend owes his fame to his first album. While many only remember Nas Escobar for his run-ins with rappers such as Jay Z, others recognize him for his failed marriage to celebrity chef and American singer Kelis Rogers. In this article, however, you will know who the real Nas is and other lesser known facts about him.

Youth and rise to fame

Nas’ full name is Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones. He was born to Olu Dara and Fannie Ann Jones on September 14, 1973 in Brooklyn, New York. His father, originally born as Charles Jones III in Mississippi, is a guitarist, cornetist, and musician, while his mother was a North Carolina-born postal service employee.

Nas has a brother called Jabari Fret Jones, who is already following in his brother’s footsteps in music. Jabari started out as a member of New York-based hip-hop group Bravehearts and got his big break after hanging out with veteran rappers like Nature, Swizz Beatz and NORE.

Although Nas was born in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, he was raised with his brother in Queensbridge, New York. Her father is of Yoruba descent, while her mother, who died in 2012 after a three-year battle with cancer, is also of African-American ethnicity. Fannie died divorced after her husband’s divorce in 1985.

Reports say that the rapper studied at a high school in Queensbridge but later dropped out in eighth grade to take part in rap music in the raw streets of the Queensbridge project. Despite dropping out of school, Nas seems to have developed a high degree of literacy, which is evident in his lyrics. He also learned about African culture with the help of the Nuwaubian Nation and the Five Percent Nation.

Nas’ family: wife, daughter and son

No doubt, life has been good for Nas and his solid career has continued to put more money in his pocket. But the New York rapper has dealt and is still dealing with a family drama. Nas has two children – Destiny Jones and Knight Jones. While Destiny (born June 15, 1994) was from his relationship with ex-fiancée Carmen Bryan, he had Knight on July 21, 2009 with his ex-wife, Kelis Rogers.

Nas started dating Nicki Minaj in 2017, seven years after he split from Kelis. Fans of the stars first saw their friendship in May 2017. However, the rappers went public with their love during Nas’ 44th birthday, when they were seen together in several pictures cuddling up.

Nas and Nicki’s love boat hit rock bottom eight months later, leading to their split. According to reports, the rappers’ love for each other has crumbled due to the strains of their long-distance relationship – Nicki is based in Miami and Nas lives in Los Angeles.

The Brooklyn-born entrepreneur also had a short-lived relationship with American singer and songwriter, Mary J. Blige.

Relationship with Kelis

Kelis and the hip-hop entertainer began dating in 2003 and married in 2005 in Atlanta. They filed for divorce on April 29, 2009, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple finalized their divorce on May 21, 2010, a year after their son’s arrival was marred by a disagreement that resulted in the rapper sharing the news of Knight’s birth via online video during a concert in New York against Kelis’ wishes.

When the two tied the knot in 2005, they became instant royals in the public eye but their love for each other fizzled out after five years. In 2018, Kelis confessed that she called it quits because she was physically and mentally abused by Nas during their short-lived marriage.

Best known for popular genres like hip-hop, soul, and R&B, Kelis Rogers was born on August 21, 1979 in New York City. She has worked in the music industry since 1988 and has sold six million records worldwide. His first album titled “Kaleidoscope” was released in 1999.

Net Worth – How wealthy is Nas?

It’s no surprise that Nas is making an enviable amount of money from his hitting, record-producing, and business networks — thanks in large part to his excellence, determination, and passion.

The rapper might not be what he hoped for, but he has successfully built himself an impressive net worth of $50 million which he has amassed through the great works he is doing in the music industry. the music.

Height and other facts about the rapper

1. Nas’ debut album, Illmatic, ranks among the greatest albums of all time. He recorded the album at the age of 17-18.

2. His presence in the music industry has earned him so many awards and over 12 Grammy nominations.

3. Nas is the cousin of Yara Shahidi, an American model and popular.

4. In his youth, he wrote his own nursery rhymes and played the trumpet.

5. The first time he smoked weed was when he was 11 years old. He was sent to prison once for smoking weed.

6. In 7th grade, he was suspended for stabbing a student with a pencil.

7. Before taking the hip-hop community by storm with the stage name ‘Nas’, the rapper’s first nickname was called ‘Kid Wave’.

8. Nas reportedly wept bitterly after the death of Brooklyn-born rapper Christopher George Latore Wallace, better known by his stage name, East Harlem-born actor and rapper Tigac Amaru, Tupac Amaru Shaku.

9. The New York rapper was ranked as the 5th greatest MC by MTV on its list of the “World’s 10 Greatest MCs” in 2006.

10. Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones is 1.73m tall