Natalia Rivera is a Peurto Rican television host who is popular for her appearances on the show El Remix, as well as Pégate al Mediodia. She is very active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where she has over a million followers. In 2011, Natalia was seen in the film Le journal du rhum, followed by another film role in Mi Verano con Amand 3 and in 2015 she was seen in the film, Back to the beginning.

It is also worth noting that the PuertoRican lady is an entrepreneur who started her own fashion brand called Hectik by Natalia. Check out his biography and other facts about this media personality here.

Biography of Natalia Rivera

Natalia Rivera birth details show that the young lady was born on April 25, 1989 and she is from Puerto Rico but raised in Florida. Her date of birth is also known to fall under the Taurus zodiac sign and Natalia is believed to possess qualities such as perseverance and determination to see her dreams come true.

Regarding her education, the TV host revealed on her Facebook page that she was educated at Sickles High School after which she went to Hillsborough Community College. Natalia Rivera was later admitted to the University of South Florida, but her course of study was not specified.

Professional Achievements

Coming to her career, Natalia Rivera is best known as a TV show host and she is popular as the anchor of the show Pégate al Mediodia and El Remix. Moreso, she is known for her active presence on Instagram where she uses the name “nataliariverapr” and has over 1 million followers and she can be seen on Facebook and Pinterest under the username “Natalia Rivera”.

The TV host who joined the Twitter family over the years in 2009 was widely recognized. Some sites have also decided to list the media personality among the prominent people born on April 25 who made their main career as TV show anchors.

The multifaceted Natalia is also an insurgent actress who has featured in a few productions like the 2011 movie titled The Rum DiaryMi Verano con Amand 3 and Back to the Beginning which was released in 2015.

Natalia Rivera net worth

The net worth of the famous TV host of the shows Pegate al Mediodia and El Remix has not yet been made public and the exact amount she earns as the salary is not known to the public. However, with her growing popularity, there is a lot of curiosity about her earnings, leading some sources to estimate that Natalie Rivera has over $1 million to her name. Moreover, it is believed that before arriving at the estimated figure, all his sources of income were taken into consideration, along with other prized possessions of the TV host.

The TV host’s family life

As a public figure, any aspect of your life that is off limits brings us to the question – who are Natalia Rivera’s parents? Unfortunately, this question remains unanswered as there is no public knowledge of the identity of this media personality’s father or mother. It’s also not known if she has any siblings, but based on her birth details, we’ll be correct that her parents are Puerto Ricans who moved to the United States in the past. Moreover, Natalia’s parents certainly had good jobs, as the TV host’s educational background revealed that she went to some very good institutions that had to be funded by her parents.

The Peurto Rican beauty has definitely drawn a lot of attention to herself as it would be hard to see Natalia Rivera without complimenting her looks. However, Natalie is out of the market as she is the wife of comedian, Francis Rosas, and the couple are enjoying a happy marriage.

Other Facts About Natalia Rivera

Other facts about this gorgeous TV host are as follows:

1. Natalie Rivera is an entrepreneur who started the footwear and clothing fashion brand called Hectik by Natalia.

2. In July 2017, she met famous Hollywood actor John Travolta and took a picture with him.

3. Natalia is known for her blonde hair which she wears in style.

4. She is a fan of American singer Miley Cyrus.

5. The famous TV host likes to keep in shape and she often uploads photos of herself in the gym to social media.