True Nathan fans for you on Comedy Central will tell you that the luckiest people in the world aren’t just those who die peacefully in their sleep when they’re old, but also those who find out about the show. The author of this film is Nathan Fielder, a Canadian comedian and writer who became famous thanks to the show.

While no one knows exactly how he can crack rib jokes while keeping his face straight, here’s what we do know about him.

Nathan Fielder Biography

The comedian was born Nathan Joseph Fielder on May 12, 1983 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Of Jewish descent, both of her parents, Eric and Deb Fielder, were social workers.

While growing up in Vancouver, he always had an interest in performance and comedy, so he would borrow his mother’s dictaphone, which he would record comedy with and then go back and continue to memorize. Due to his obsession with comedy, the young Fielder would come up with scripts for the sitcoms he dreamed up.

For his education, he went to Point GreyHigh School. While there, he was in the school’s comedy group as well as its musical theater. Beyond acting and comedy, he also loved magic, a passion he was infatuated with when he was 13 years old. At the time, he was working at a magic shop while performing at children’s birthday parties.

Although one naturally thinks that for a that’s how he studies something performance related in college, but instead Nathan Fielder studies entrepreneurship and marketing when he goes to college. University of Victoria.

Although he made money trading stocks online, Fielder didn’t feel happy because he felt he was making money from other people’s creativity when he could create just as well. Because of this, he decided to take up stand-up and then shoot comedy clips. Through this, he landed a job at Canadian Idol, where he was tasked with creating segments on comedy as well as interviewing contestants.

Prior to working on Canadian Idol, in 2006, the comedian received the Tim Sims Encouragement Fund award. Through his work on Canadian Idol, he was hired by CBC’s Michael Donovan as a field correspondent. This is where he started his Nathan By Your Side series.

In 2013, he started his Nathan for You show on Comedy Central based on his previous CBC show, Nathan by Your Side. The show ran from 2013 to 2017 after its fourth season.

Nathan Fielder is also an actor who appeared in the 2017 movie The Sinister Artist as well as the TV show, Transparent in 2016.

Girlfriend, Bride, Wife and Divorce

Nathan Fielder hasn’t always been the man who has the best relationships with women. However, he was able to improve this situation and meet the woman named Sarah Ziolkowska in 2007, who soon became his girlfriend.

Sarah Ziolkowska, librarian specializing in children, and actor met in Canada. Although Sarah Fielder and Sarah’s wedding year is not known, it is known that the couple remained together until 2014 when the marriage ended in divorce.

As a comedian, Fielder could almost tackle the subject, no matter how sensitive and funny. However, he has always struggled not to talk about his divorce stating that like all other breakups, his was also difficult.

Net value

Nathan Fielder has an estimated net worth of $3 million. He made his fortune from his show, Nathan for You, which enjoyed huge success with Comedy Central.

He also founded a company, Summit Ice, which is involved in producing outdoor clothing while raising awareness of the Holocaust. Although it sells items such as jackets, t-shirts and toques, the company donates 100% of its profits to the Vancouver Holocaust Education Center and similar organizations fighting intolerance.

In its first three months alone, the company made nearly $500,000 in revenue.

the size

The Canadian comedian might not be the tallest man you’ll meet, but he’s still got a pretty good size, standing 5ft 9½in (1.77m) tall.