Nathan Kane Samara is best known around the world as Eminem’s younger brother. When your brother is one of the hip-hop greats, it’s almost impossible for the world not to interest you, especially if you’re also interested in the rap game. He may live in the shadow of his superstar brother, but that doesn’t mean Nathan doesn’t better know it. We have attempted to summarize what you need to know about these 6 facts.

6 things to know about Nathan Kane Samara

1. He had it tough as a child.

If you are an Eminem fan, then you are well aware of all the troubles he went through growing up. Many of these issues he boldly blamed on his mother Deborah Mathers, whom he named, let him down in a few of his songs, including “My Mom,” where he also mentioned Nathan.

Apparently fourteen years was not enough time for Eminem’s mother to turn over a new leaf as his brother Nathan, born on February 3, 1986 (about 14 years after Eminem was born), went through the same struggles. than himself.

Authorities at Roseville Elementary School where Nathan attended, Debbie had neglected and abused Nathan. As a result, he was placed in foster care. Eminem would later become responsible for raising him. Nathan is technically Eminem’s half-brother since his mother had him with another man, Fred J. Samara.

Both Nathan and Eminem have forgiven their mother, Eminem’s lyrics in his 2013 song, Headlights, speak volumes. Part of the lyrics says “…But I forgive you and so does Nathan.

2. He rips, writes songs and produces.

Growing up with his superstar brother, Nathan watched Eminem’s every move and soon began to imitate him. At the age of 13, Nathan appeared as a young Eminem in the music video for his song “Without Me (2009)”.

The following year, in 2000, Eminem brought him on his “Up In Smoke” tour. Due to his busy schedule, Eminem asked Nathan to represent him at the 2001 Detroit Music Awards, where he received an award and also gave the acceptance speech. While accepting his VMA in 2003, Eminem gave a shout out to Nathan.

With the wealth of music exposure Eminem had given Nathan, it was no surprise to embark on his own rap career. He started rapping under the nickname Nate Kane. However, Nate was nowhere near achieving the kind of success his brother did.

None of his songs have ever made it to the mainstream. Some of the known ones include; “Shadow of a Celebrity” and “Slide on over, published around 2010”. It is unclear if the previous song referred to his older brother. Although he still has the rapper on his Instagram biography, no new material has been heard from Nate in a long time.

3. Nathan is also an actor and personal trainer.

Rapping didn’t work out for him, but it seems like Nathan isn’t giving up easily on making a name for himself. He got his start in acting and made his debut in Devils Night Dawn Of The Nain Rouge! a horror film directed and co-written by Emmy-nominated producer Sam Logan Khaleghi. In April 2018, Nathan invited his film to promote the film asking fans to look forward to its theatrical release. Grab the trailer below.

Besides acting, Nathan, a hunk himself, is a personal trainer. His IG feed features photos of himself feasting on healthy meals and offering body supplements.

4. Nathan Kane Samara is engaged and a father.

Kane found love in the eyes of a certain Ashley Mae with IG handle ash.mae. A visit to his social network reveals how smitten he is with this letter as he constantly posts sweet nothings about his daughters. They are engaged. Nate popped the question in December 2016. The couple already share three children.

Nathan and Ashley have been in a romantic relationship for years, since 2001. He is indeed a faithful man.

5. He officially changed his last name from Samara to Mathers in 2018.

Although it seems that his father was barely around during his childhood, Nathan always used his surname. However, in early 2018, he seemed to have grown tired of the name when he officially changed from Samara to Mathers, which is also Eminem’s last name. The Blast reported that a judge in the Michigan court, where Nate had requested the name change, granted his wish.

6. He was arrested at least once.

In 2009, Nate had been in trouble with the law after he was busted for DUI. Nate had refused to let an ambulance through and pulled over. He was taken into custody but released on bail. However, those years have passed, Nathan couldn’t seem more responsible.