The advent of social media has greatly contributed to the making of many internet stars. It has opened doors to several terrains that people are exploring and exploiting in interesting ways. NickDominates is one of those people who have chosen to use social media and the internet to further their interests.

He is widely known as an internet personality who uses YouTube as a medium to share his unique and creative content with the world. His niche is gaming and all kinds of gaming-related content he uploads to his channel. With over 475,000 subscribers and around 80 million successful views, NickDominates has definitely earned the bragging rights of being one of gaming’s premier YouTubers to date.

Apart from YouTube, the content creator has become famous on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter where he has thousands of followers. Likewise, he maintains an account on Twitch, which he uses to live stream video games. NickDominates is also an entrepreneur who sells his own sweatshirts, caps, and t-shirts through online clothing stores.

Nick Dominates Biography

The YouTuber was born on May 29, 1998. Growing up, Nick had a reputation for being a naughty kid and he grew up with that nature. His teenage years being a troubled time, he was enrolled in a special school after graduating from high school and ended up studying fashion design there.

He began his journey to fame on December 23, 2013, when he set up his YouTube channel and quickly uploaded content related to video games. The quality of his videos coupled with the freshness of his ideas helped him attract a massive audience. More and more people continued to watch his videos and subscribed to his channel after he diversified his content to include games like MovieStarPlanet and The Sims. In a few years, NickDominates has become very popular. He posted videos on more games like Life is Strange, as well as special videos he created with IMVU.

Never one to put in a box, NickDominates peppered its usual content with other quirky videos from time to time. There are times when he shares makeup tutorials and beauty-related vlogs on his channel to spice things up. He created a Twitter account in order to be closer to his fans and to be able to converse with them more easily while sharing funny videos and photos to check out. His account has attracted nearly 50,000 followers. NickDominates has also had spectacular success on Instagram. His posts on the platform are mostly limited to pictures, but he already has more than 80,000 followers and is gaining dozens more every day.

NickDominates runs another YouTube channel, which its main one called NickTheBusted. Till date, he has uploaded a video to the channel but it already has more than 25,000 subscribers. He is known for using Anya, the female avatar character he created in many of his game videos. On Twitch, Nick has over 6,000 subscribers.

As if his social media fame wasn’t enough, NickDominates is building a career as a fashion entrepreneur. He sells clothes through an online store that is modestly priced between $25 and $50 depending on the item. It sells clothing for women, men and children.

NickDominates Family

When it comes to his personal life, NickDominates hasn’t been very forthcoming with much information, especially about his family. He has yet to reveal the names of his parents or what they do for a living. However, the YouTuber revealed that he has two siblings: a brother named Autumn and a sister named Brooke. He is very fond of his siblings and enjoys spending time with them whenever he gets the chance.

YouTuber Facts

1. NickDominates is a huge fan of rapper, Nicki Minaj. The walls of her bedroom are covered with posters of the gorgeous musician to show how seriously he takes her.

2. He adores former One Direction singer Zayn Malik and has repeatedly said he wants to marry him.

3. The YouTuber is gay and proud of his sexuality. He is open about his sexual orientation and often uses his social media pages to address gay rights issues.