Nickmercs is a popular American bodybuilder and professional gamer, as well as YouTuber. His love for video games started as a simple childhood obsession; even then, he never saw it as something he could make a career out of someday. At some point in his life, he finally noticed how good he was at the game and decided to join a group of players in training. This eventually led him to set up his own YouTube account to promote his gaming brand in 2011, the rest however being history. Below is information about Nickmercs.

Nickmercs Biography, Age

He was born on November 21, 1990 as Nick Kolcheff in Michigan, United States. He is an American of white heritage. There isn’t much information about his parents or siblings, as he rarely talks about them. However, we do know that his father’s name is Kelvin Kolcheff – a former high school football coach and current manager of Nickmercs. The identity of his mother, as well as that of his brothers and sisters, has not been revealed to the media as of the date of this publication. He received his high school education at City High School Michigan. After graduating from high school, he continued his education by attending the University of Michigan, where he earned his bachelor’s degree.

Very little is known about Nick Kolcheff’s early childhood. He once revealed that he was very addicted to video games while his father hated him at the time, as he saw it as a form of limitation on Nickmerc’s academic potential. It got to the point where he crashed Nickmercs Xbox in order to stop him playing, but that only caused him to leave the house for a brief period. Eventually, his father gave in to his passion by letting him pursue his dreams to the point of giving consent for Nick to move to Lone Jack, Missouri to join a team of other enthusiastic gamers.

His career as a professional gamer started on December 4, 2011, when he decided to create his personal YouTube channel, called NICKMERCS. He was using it as a platform to post videos of him playing games on his YouTube channel but unfortunately the target viewership was not reached. Due to low success on YouTube, he decided to create an account on Twitch. Shortly after creating his Twitch account, he broke the record for the most number of kills in a single FORTNITE Battle Royal Special – 56, marking his big break into stardom. Soon after, he saw a surge in fans on Twitch and YouTube, racking up thousands of views in a single live stream.

Ever since he shot to fame as a result of beating the highest number of kills on FORTNITE, the Nickmercs have been steadily increasing. In 2017, he broke the record for most kills by a duo in the game FORTNITE. He and his partner have 23 wins each. However, the identity of the partner has not yet been revealed. Over the years, he has amassed over 1.5 million followers on Twitch and YouTube, respectively.

His net worth

Talking about the net worth of Nickmercs can be a very tricky topic, simply because there is no official record that explicitly states how much he earns in salary, annually or yearly. As a result, his net worth is still subject to speculation. Skyblade recorded its monthly earnings in September 2018 between $29,000 and $46,000. That being said, his current net worth is estimated to be around $782,000, most of which was earned through his successful gaming career with over 150 wins in FORTNITE tournaments. He is also known to earn a really huge sum from his YouTube and twitch accounts.

Girlfriend or wife, is he married?

Over the years, there have been plenty of rumors darkening Nickmercs relationship status. While some claim he’s married, others say he’s single and unable to hold down a girl at this point in his video game career. This is however not entirely true as Nickmercs recently confirmed that he is romantically involved with a beautiful girl he calls Emumita Bonita. Although little is known about their relationship, it’s evident that the pair are madly in love with each other, judging by the number of photos Nickmerc has posted of her on her Instagram account.

Height and body measurements

When asked to describe a video game addict, does this perception suggest a tiny, thin, or chubby individual – nerd, ugly, and shy, paired with someone with a social disorder that makes them turn to the game to escape the harsh reality of their not so amazing life. A very harsh perception, which Nickmercs’ personality, as well as his physical appearance, totally spoils.

That being said Nickmercs is 5ft 11in and is associated with a very muscular and sexy body which is to be expected by anyone considering how much time he spends in the gym. He also weighs 179lbs. As for its size, it is still very unknown. Nickmercs takes it a step further by not only being sexy, but also seriously handsome. With his pointed nose, pretty face, black hair and black eye color allied to his boyish smile, he is definitely every ladies dream man. Too late ladies, it’s Emumita.