Nicole Alexander, very fashionable since Hoopz is in the spotlight with her participation in the VH1 series, Saveur d’Amour and J’aime l’argent. In addition to being part of reality TV, the woman has also gained notoriety as an actress.

Nicole Alexander Wiki/Bio

Nicole Alexander was born on July 12, 1983 in Detroit. She was raised in a very large family by a single parent. While her father is black, her mother is Italian-American. The self-described star believes that deep down in her heart, she is a tomboy.

For her education, Nicole attended Woodhaven High School in Brownstone, where she played basketball for the school team. From there, she went no further with education.

Growing up, Nicole’s dream didn’t go far from reality shows or television. However, she found herself in 2008 participating in the show’s first season, Saveur d’Amour. It was in the series that she became popular as Hoopz.

The series was all about finding love for Flavor and she managed to differentiate herself from the others which led to her becoming famous.

Then she participated in another reality show, I Love Money, in which she was able to win after defeating Joshua “Whiteboy” Gallander.

After winning the $250,000 prize, the reality show revealed that she used the money to invest, travel and help her family. She also revealed that the show changed her life forever.

She loves basketball and plays a little. She reveals that it is still a tournament.

Nicole Alexander was also an actress and she participated in some films including Ghetto Stories (2010) and It Takes a Sister (2015). If you’re her fan, she’s set to appear in another movie, Dog King

Apart from acting, she has exploited her good looks very well, which has allowed her to establish herself as a model. She has done modeling for different agencies including Eye Candy Modeling.

It was reported that before she could break into acting, acting, and modeling, Nicole worked for Detroit Metro Airport in Wayne County as a TSA agent.

Nicole Alexander Boyfriend/Dating, Married/Husband

Looking at her relationships, Nicole Alexander has a rather interesting dating history even though she is currently unmarried.

Her first romantic relationship was with FlavourFav and the relationship they started in 2006 could not survive beyond that year. Shortly after the split, the 34-year-old revealed, “I’m not in love with him. We are not about to get married. And he doesn’t like me.

After this relationship, she entered into another relationship with another rapper, T.I. The relationship also started the same year, but the two were able to survive as a couple for 4 years before calling it quits in 2010.

Probably tired of rappers, Hoopz decided with a sportswoman, and this time, still in 2010, she chose NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal. The relationship blossomed with a lot of promise and it was able to survive for three years.

As many suspected, the two decided to get engaged, but just when the wedding date was guessing, they decided to call it quits and went their separate ways in 2012. This was reported after news reports that Nicole and the father of five children had had a public feud.

This is after moving into the NBA star’s 70,000 square foot mansion together.

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