Nikki Glamor uses the social media platform YouTube explores her interest in many facets of life and also caters to people looking for ideas on beauty and other random issues. As an online sensation, she spends time with her fans and also teaches them everything they need to know about makeup, beauty enhancement, challenges, and more.

In addition to the above, Glamor has also inspired its mammoth followers with its motivational storytelling videos, travel vlogs, and product reviews. She is greatly admired for her courage, creativity, honesty and ability to communicate with the people around her.

Biography of Nikki Glamor

Nikki Glamor was born in Texas on February 8, 1992. She is an American of Caucasian ethnicity. Her parents raised her alongside her brother, but the names of her brother and parents are not known to the public.

YouTuber is a high school graduate. During her school years, she actively participated in sports and was then an extraordinary athlete. Glamor also took violin lessons, but she left the class during her fourth year.

She launched her YouTube channel in 2013, precisely in November of this year. Before that, she had never considered creating her personal account on YouTube, although she loved watching videos on the platform from childhood. One of the YouTuber’s reasons for taking to YouTube was to restore the trust she had lost following the traumas she suffered in her early teens.

Glamor debuted on YouTube with a make-up video, although the content of the video was not perfected, as she had not turned professional at that time. Nonetheless, the video earned him thousands of followers and views.

Nikki has documented her on several trips. In addition to everything she does on her page, she reviews many products, including drugstore makeup brands. Some of her standout videos on quirky looks include Betty Boop’s Halloween Makeup Tutorial, Annabelle’s Inspired Makeup Tutorial to name a few.

As noted above, the online sensation is sometimes telling stories in her videos. The first story she shared on her page was titled: The time my best friend slept with my ex, after which she continued to post more story clips.


Nikki Glamor has a lovely family which consists of her husband, David Pavelka, and their son, Ezra Pavelka. YouTuber and his girlfriend started seeing each other in 2011 and got engaged on December 31, 2016.

David and Nikki finally sealed their love for two years later, in the presence of their families and friends, they exchanged their wedding vows. Since then they have been living together as husband and wife and their union has been blessed with a lovely son, Ezra. For some reason, information about the YouTube star’s husband, including his profession, ethnicity and school performance, is not available.

Facts About Nikki Glamour, T he YouTube Star

1. When Nikki Glamor was seventeen, she was encouraged by her mother to take part in the audition for the American singing competition television series American Idol, but the YouTubers developed cold feet and subsequently backtracks.

2. In her youth, Nikki Glamor failed to make it to a beauty pageant after entering the pageant. According to her, after registering, she sent her profile to an agency but did not know that a confirmation letter had been sent to her. It was later that she found unopened mail in her junk mail folder. This was after concluding that her profile had been rejected.

3. YouTuber is obsessed with her hair as she can do anything to take care of her curls. Glamor also shares tips with its followers, including how to take care of their hair after chemical treatment, and also incorporates natural products such as sugar, honey and coffee into their skin care.

4. Nikki Glamor is a cancer survivor. She underwent cancer treatment at the age of 15 after discovering a large mass on her left shoulder. Although the cancerous tumor caused her enormous mental trauma, she was eventually removed, but not without an ugly scar on her shoulder.

5. She stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches. However, information about his measurements and body weight are yet to be disclosed.

6. His net worth is under review.