You can be assured of three things that the Internet will suit you – it will give you access to a wide range of information, make you immensely popular, and provide you with riches beyond your wildest imagination. Now two and three are not a constant for everyone but over the past decade the number of people who have achieved fame and amassed a fortune on the internet has increased. The player, Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja, is one such person.

To learn more about how this guy made his fortune and other facts about his life, come with us…

Ninja (Tyler Blevins) Biography

Tyler Richard Blevins was born on June 5, 1991 in Detroit. The identities of his parents are not known but it is clear that they are of Welsh descent. He spent most of his childhood in the suburbs of Chicago, where he grew up with his older brothers, Chris and John. For high school, he went to Grayslake Central High School. During this time, he played football and video games which his father introduced him to. His college education was at Silver Lake College; There, he worked at a restaurant called Noodles & Company and played side games.

His professional gaming career started in 2009 and the game he started with was Halo 3. His family agreed to support him if he maintained his grades and kept his job, which is what he tried to do the longest. possible, his commonly referred to in-game name Ninja comes from the game Halo, which is a move in the game. He eventually dropped out of college to deal with his gaming career.

Tyler Blevins in 2011 started streaming By playing games on the Amazon streaming service, Twitch, he managed to grow his follower count to 4,000 through live streaming, but he had a setback when he had eyesight problems that required surgery to fix it and lost over fifty percent of his followers., but through hard work and perseverance, he was able to rebuild his squad. The game that gave him the most viewership is Fortnite. When he started streaming the game, it was just at his nascent stage of popularity and as he gained notoriety, his follower count grew. In 2017, he had already reached more than five hundred thousand followers.

On his channel (in 2018), he had guest meetings with rappers Drake, Travis Scott and footballer Juju Smith-Schuster; these helped to increase his views. On Drake’s episode, Ninja set the record for the number of live viewers on Twitch, and later that same year he broke the record.

His fame is not limited to Twitch, as he experienced the same on YouTube with his 21 million subscribers on this platform.

His net worth

Tyler Blevins is thought to earn over $500,000 from his Twitch and YouTube streaming attempts; he plays games every day for twelve hours. During this time, he interacts with his followers and anyone else who might be watching him, making sure the twelve hours aren’t boring. Meanwhile, the longer he stays, the more money he earns. With his earnings, it is evident that this player is one of the highest paid internet gamers who have all accumulated a net worth of $10 million.

Internet Family Life Personality

In 2017, Tyler Blevins got married to Jessica Goch, who also happens to be a gamer. She’s the reason he doesn’t feature female players in his films out of respect for his marriage.

When he was younger, Blevins found a way to bring his family to Steve Harvey’s show, Family Feud by creating an audition video while his family lived away from where the auditions were taking place. The video appealed to the producers of the series and they were invited. He was also the one who helped his family earn as much money as they earned. Ninja’s family members are also very fond of the game, with his father being a big gamer when he was a kid and playing games with him and his older brothers.